SurePoint: Top-Class Phone Spy Software

surepointSo, you’ve decided to spy on someone’s cell phone, right? No matter what the reason for you is, you should get the best monitoring application that is available on the market. And one of such apps is SurePoint.

The first thing except for its spying capabilities you should get serious about is the stealth mode. No one wants to be identified while spying. And the only thing that can protect your confidentiality is the stealth mode. Also, there should be a well-developed list of features. No matter why you are installing a cell phone monitoring software, there should be few main features.

You may use monitoring software to spy on your spouse or kids and in corporate cases, such as catching an employee who sells your corporate secrets to some competing company. Your kids can be a real problem to deal with, especially when they are teenagers with bunch secrets they do not want to share with their parents. And spy software can be a real deal to you as a parent and even save your children’s life. Yes, we are talking about kidnapping. And SurePoint is the best choice for such purposes. Read further to learn more about this great phone spying software.

  • Pros – Best choice for both personal and corporate use due to its versatility.
  • Cons – Slow GPS tracker update.
  • Conclusion – If you are looking for versatility and easy to use software, SurePoint would be the perfect choice for you. Wide features list, reliability, and top-class performance.

SurePoint Capabilities

surepoint reviewSo, let’s talk a little bit about cell phone spy apps. What do you know about this type of software? Did you try to use one of those you can easily find on the modern phone spy market? It is as simple as it gets. You have to install software on target cell phone and start monitoring its activity remotely. You can do it with or without holding your confidentiality. It depends on the reason you use the monitoring app. But if you are using SurePoint, there is no difference to you, actually. You just install it on a target cell phone and view the entire activity on your own phone’s screen.

SurePoint has one big advantage as it allows you to spy on various situations at home, work or anywhere else. Lots of other spy apps focus you just on one point. As an example, Norton Family Premier is better for parental control while iKeyMonitor works better in corporate use. But people nowadays have lots of things to take care about and using few different cell phone monitoring applications can be a real problem. That is why it can be the perfect solution with multiple features you can use to spy on your kids and employees at the same time. Just find out what options you want to use to spy on your unfair employee and use GPS Tracker to control your kid’s location constantly. But let’s talk more detailed about SurePoint features below.

Main features:

  • Spying on SMS and other text messages: Modern people are communicating with text messages more often. That is why reading SMS, MMS, and emails, is very important if you want to catch a cheater, as an example.
  • Social media monitoring: Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LineChat, and weChat. All these phone applications are very important in
  • GPS location tracker: Keep a constant touch on your target phone location. Are your kids not at home? Is husband late after work? Your employee lies to you about traffic jams? Find everything within just five minutes.
  • Calls logging: View all details about outgoing and incoming phone calls and their details (date, duration, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Contacts view: All the contacts with details (emails, numbers, names) will be available for your view.
  • Browser history monitoring: It is very important nowadays to monitor this point if you want to know more about the person and his activity.
  • Remote camera control: You can easily take pictures even when it is closed on a target phone.
  • Real-time control: Monitor all features performance in real-time.

Sure, everyone will find something interesting in this list of SurePoint features. If you are a devoted parent, probably, the best thing for you would be a GPS monitor. If your kid or significant other is always late and you are worried about them, you can easily find out their location in few seconds and with few taps on your phone’s screen.

How Does It Work?

As we have already said, SurePoint is easy monitoring software to deal with. The same thing is about its installation process. Just download the application and install it on a target cell phone. This process will take you just a few minutes, and it will be the only time you need to hold a target device in your hands.

It is a modern spy application that works remotely even when the internet connection is unavailable. It will immediately renew and update logged information when the connection will be again available on your or target gadget. You can view logged info on any device you want. Just enter the official website on your phone, tablet or computer.

What is more important, SurePoint is absolutely compatible with both the most popular operating systems for mobile devices existing these days – iOS and Android. The entire installation will take you about two or three minutes.

How Much Does it Cost?

Another interesting thing about SurePoint is its price and subscription system. Most of the modern spy apps use monthly subscriptions, while this monitoring solution has just one fixed price $69.99 for a one-time purchase. All the updates will be performed for free without any additional fees.

So, as you can see, this software can be a real solution for your spy needs. The price for that great list of useful features is very reasonable, and it would be a good investment.

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