Top 3 Spy Apps for Smartphones

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Phone spy software market is very broad and versatile. It is so easy to get confused and make a wrong choice. You may pick a low-quality spy program that won’t provide your mobile phone with essential features. We want to help you in purchasing of decent spy software that tracks a mobile phone user activity, monitors text messages, records video and makes other required functions.

Our guide was created by logiciel espion considering reliability, quality, unique features, usability and customer reviews. We hope that this information will guide you through the highest demand spy apps and help you pick an excellent spy application for your cell phone or tablet.

How to Select Spy App for Mobile?

select spy appConsider the following main points when buying spy software for mobile:

  1. Full access. Getting access to the tracking phone is crucial. There is the only one spy app you have to download on the phone. After this, you will track the activity of the smartphone online from your computer or smartphone.
  2. Compatibility. It won’t be a problem if you have one of those modern gadgets that have iOS, Android, Symbian or Blackberry operating system. But you should check if your iPhone is jailbroken.
  3. Full internet access. If you want to get proper spy functions, a target phone must be connected to the web all the time. Otherwise, if it doesn’t have 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi internet connection, you won’t be able to track the activity of the phone or tablet through your computer.
  4. Proper additional assistance. If you want to get the high-quality software, you should work with a well-known company that provides a wide range of services. It is normal when some issues happen. Sometimes your spying software needs an upgrade or accurate tuning to be compatible with some smartphones or other modern devices. So you should know where to call or write in case of such problems. Support center that works 24/7 is an excellent option and motivation to purchase the app.
  5. Too tempting propositions. The truth is that there are plenty of scammers who wish to deceive customers and sell low-quality and inappropriate spy apps. You should avoid propositions that sound too good and don’t work with suspicious unknown companies that don’t have any reviews or recommendations but tell a lot about their excellent reputation and years of a great job. Our recommendations will help you to find decent solutions for your smartphone and don’t face with unpleasant situations.

Best Spy Apps for Cell Phones

Highster Mobile Spy

Highster Mobile Spy app
The spy software is adaptable to Android and iOS systems. According to Miloš Jovanović from, it is one of the most wanted spy apps because of a good price and complete set of needed functions. If you are one of those persons who want to track their spouse’s phone or check your mobile phone to protect it from theft, this app is an excellent choice.


  • GPS location tracking. It can detect where the targeted smartphone or tablet is located. All you need is quality Internet access.
  • Ability to take photos and record video secretly. With the spy program, you will see what is happening near the phone.
  • Opportunity to read all SMS, MMS, email letters, watch pictures and videos on the tracking phone. You will get the access to the data that is stored on the targeted phone.
  • Ability to monitor social media activity (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and more). If you want to have an eye for your spouse, for instance, you may detect his or her social activity without any limits.
  • Affordable price
  • Easy in use
  • No glitches
  • Good pack of features
  • One price for all time of using, including software updates
  • Don’t have advanced options

It is evident that the spy program will satisfy all needs of any customer who wants to monitor a mobile phone activity and don’t spend a lot of money.


MSpy apps tracking
It is excellent software for spying that will satisfy even specific customers’ demands. MSpy is highly recommended for parenting tracking. There is a function that highlights this spy program among others. It works perfectly with iPhone and iPad without a jailbreaking.

Download this spy tracker on the mobile phone, and you will get all essential features. Moreover, you will get some exclusive functions that impress anyone.


  • Ability to block some websites or apps. The option works well if you want to track your child’s activity. It is so simple to limit the Internet activity of your kids. Just obstruct their access to those undesirable websites and services.
  • Restrict some locations. It is an important option for thoughtful parents. It highlights dangerous places on the map and parents will receive alerts in case if your child visited these areas.
  • Easy phone or tablet change. To use the spy app on the particular smartphone or tablet, you should purchase a license, but you may deactivate it and change the targeted phone anytime you wish.
  • Proper customer support. If you take care of excellent service and want to satisfy your questions anytime you need, the app will please you with a full-time contact center.
  • Exclusive functions
  • Well-known company
  • Excellent support
  • Ability to work on iOS without a jailbreaking
  • Good parenting options
  • High price

Some people won’t appreciate its price. But before you make a final decision, you should try a demo version of this program. After this, you can decide if it is worth of your money.

According to all these benefits, it is obvious that mSpy app will become your favorite spy app. It has plenty of important features, convenient screen operation, advanced options for demanding customers and reliable manufacturer with a certified reputation.


FlexiSpy tracking app

We couldn’t forget about this app because it is one of the most wanted spy products. The FlexiSpy is one of the oldest spy apps. This company works since 2005 and has created an outstanding reputation that is well-known around the Globe.

It is not just a mobile spy app; it is a huge pack of advanced spying features that will satisfy any demands and become your number one choice in this industry. We offer you the list of features that differ this software from other trackers. They are exceptional and probably will impress you.


  • Live calls. Now you can see not only callers and address book, but you may listen to all live phone calls.
  • Record calls. If live broadcasting is not enough, you may even record these calls.
  • Make a bug. The spy software allows you to transform it into a recording bug that can transmit the surroundings sounds of the phone and send these records to your PC.
  • Password cracking. There are no more any secrets from you. This feature allows you to see even hidden information on the tracking phone. It cracks all passwords in a few seconds, and you can read all text messages, emails, watch photos and videos without any limits. Moreover, it also breaks all social media passwords to give you full access.
  • Remote control. Except for supervision of the phone activity, you may even make some setup changes remotely.

This software also can activate a secret camera and make pictures, detect a GPS location any time you need, give you an access to all social media networks such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more.

  • Full access to the tracking phone
  • Reliable company
  • Compatibility with iOS, Android, Symbian and Blackberry
  • Exclusive features
  • User-friendly
  • Price
  • iPhone or iPad have to be jailbroken to install this program

Probably, these cons are very tiny, considering what amazing spy functions you get with this smart app. So if you are looking for powerful software that can spy and track everything on the targeted phone, FlexiSpy is an excellent choice.

To sum up, we should notice that all these spying programs were created for good aims. They allow thoughtful parents look for their little kids and protect them from dangerous people, help suspicious men and women to check their spouses and find out their true intentions, and lighten the employers’ life by letting them track their employees’ activity during the working day.

These spy trackers correctly perform their functions, and you may purchase any one of them without doubts.

What spy app do you use? Please, share your experience in comments!