Highster Mobile Review. Features and Opportunities

highster-mobile-stealth-cameraConfidence is one of the core psychological components of placid life. It helps people to achieve the highest tops, make right decisions in stressful situations and feel full of energy. But this cornerstone of life source may vanish in a few seconds. A small lie usually outgrows into a real disaster and can destroy another foundation, the faith. So, the feeling of safety and assertiveness are crucial.

Luckily, modern technology can help us in various challenging situations. Suspect your loved one in infidelity? Your employees steal and sell your ideas? Maybe, you don’t know real reasons of child’s unusual behavior? All these issues can be solved and controlled by only one phone app! It is called Highster Mobile.

What Is Highster Mobile?

This unique cell phone application is likely the best assistant if we are talking about your confidence. Hidden and anonymous particular software can be installed on the target mobile phone, and you’ll have the full picture of someone’s activity. Phone numbers, unauthorized calls, suspicious messages, GPS tracking of real-time location, browser history or social activity – everything is under control now.

You just need to log into your account and take the needed info. A fast installation that takes a couple of minutes will change your attitude. Beginning from this moment even deleted files will be available on your mind, but employees or children won’t anticipate anything because the app is completely hidden.

Possibilities of Highster Mobile

highster-dashboardContinuous development of Highster Mobile allows people to have numerous advantages:

  1. Full control of calls in the phone book. It can be useful when we are talking about children or unscrupulous For example, kids may be in contact with dangerous people, and employees can use the corporative money for personal phone discussions. Even if a mistrustful number were deleted forthwith after the call, Highster app would write down the mobile phone activity with time and duration, and you will receive the complete log. Moreover, undesirable phone numbers can be blocked at a distance, and you can forget about the problem without unpleasant conversation.
  2. Full access to all messages. Another useful advantage of Highster can be successfully applied when you need to spy on a loved one person or child. You will have access to Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and much more other accounts. Nowadays, social networks take a lot of time of young people. They even take and share in the Internet food photos. With Highster Mobile you will monitor any network activity. Of course, traditional sources of messages, such as SMS, MMS and email are although under your full control.
  3. File management: pictures, videos, and programs. Revised photos and videos, downloaded and deleted apps also will be written into your Highster account. This feature is useful in all cases, for children, spouses, and employees.
  4. Online GPS monitoring. Another one option to prove or dispel additional questions. When your son or daughter tells that he or she is at school, it will be verified elementary. If your worker said he was at home the whole day because of high temperature, he wouldn’t be able to deny his presence at the market or shopping center. If your boyfriend tells that he helped his parents, you will check this information in a minute. Although, Highster Mobile can contribute to control grandparents with memory issues. The phone tracker quickly helps to find them.


highster-mobileIf you choose Highster Mobile, you can actually forget about technical part of installing procedure. Everything, beginning from compatibility and finishing with the extraction of this phone app run without problems because of great programmers’ work. Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows mobile and other operational systems are suitable for Highster software. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you need to spy Samsung or Apple, Motorola or Sony Ericson – the vast majority of the phones are available. Friendly interface for all models and versions is a must when we talk about the development of Highster phone program.

Unique Benefits

  • Only one-time payment. Every phone spy app has monthly or yearly license fee. But Highster mobile suggests to initial payment just once and keeps an eye as long as you want.
  • Changing phone number won’t help to avoid tracking. You may don’t worry about the change of phone number. The app will run on the mobile phone where a mobile app has been installed.
  • No rooting, easy uninstall. It may seem to be a quite common advantage, but it is not. Unclear installation always causes problems not only with fine work but also with a simple Highster prevents both situations.

Shortcomings of Highster Mobile App

  • No free demo version. Plenty of competitors offer a free trial, but Highster Mobile chooses another way. Simple install and using don’t cause additional troubles for users. So why should they take much more fee for several minutes play?
  • No live support. A good service is an essential option when we are talking about different people and their needs. Luckily, a reliable and clear operation of this phone app allows you to save your money.

Major Aspects of Installation

instalation of highster

If you’ve already decided to use Highster Mobile app, you should remember couple of technical details:

  • Just in case, check the compatibility of target device;
  • Prepare link for Highster Mobile app or download appropriate file to the phone;
  • Find suitable time, when you can take target phone or iPad for 5 minutes (this time includes reserve), and the phone owner can’t notice it;
  • Follow link or use Bluetooth to download required file on your device;
  • Activate Highster Mobile spy file;
  • Check your email and find a license key in the message from the Highster company;
  • Just enter this unique key into a particular field to finish the installation process;
  • Select the device where you want to get all information (mobile or PC), enter phone number or email accordingly and save the data;
  • Restart device which will be spying by Highster Mobile app;
  • Log into your account and revise info.

Uninstall will be fast and simple. You even don’t need the tracked phone. Unnoted delete is another reasonable aspect that helps to stay invisible and anonymous.

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