Features of Texting Spy App

TEXTING-SPYIt can be quite exhilarating if we could access what people around do in private. That is how human beings are wired. We are inquisitive and most of the times curiosity gets the best of us. Nowadays the most private things that most people have are phones, and you will find that most people are on the phone almost every time. Who wouldn’t want to get access to what these people do? Also, young children nowadays have mobile phones too, and if not monitored correctly, they may end up doing things which are immoral. Text messages are the in

Who wouldn’t want to get access to what these people do? Also, young children nowadays have mobile phones too, and if not monitored correctly, they may end up doing things which are immoral. Text messages are the in thing of late. If you want to communicate anything with someone, all you just have to do is draft a short message and press send.

Reasons for using the messaging phone app

Messages are the most used service on phone apart from the internet, so much that it is now a craze. Multinational companies also have an issue with employee security. Trade secrets can be revealed by a traitorous employee sending messages, and this may end up causing the company to bleed out.

Generally, as much as we have the right to privacy as human beings, in a way it is overrated and sometimes it is necessary to breach the privacy of some people’s phones, not to be nosy but for the better good. For instance, in a company, spying cannot completely be regarded as a vice because they can finally monitor their employees’ messages so as not to reveal trade secrets.

For parents, it’s an entirely justified case because it is the best way to ensure that your children are not using their phones to access websites which totally corrupt their morals or even send messages to acquaintances that are a bad influence on them. To monitor our children employees or even spouses, you simply have to install the message app which will give you access to the person you are spying on information and communication. It will give you access to their phones especially messages, emails, pictures, calls, and websites. It won’t matter even if they delete messages on their phones because you will have already gained access.

Couples mostly need this service to spy on their spouses. If you suspect your spouse to be cheating or having shady dealings, then it is advisable to use the spy app. This surveillance app will give you access to his/her messages, phone calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, email and other application you want.

How to install the phone app

install spy appYou have to install the message app on your targets phone or computers then you have to sign in, and after that, you will be able to access all messages. The app is absolutely free, for ethical purposes the app must be used for a reason which can be justifiable if confronted. It is not easily detected so you can use this app for as long as you want but in a subtle way.

You will also be notified if your target changes their sim card or phone to avoid detection; this information will give you the opportunity to also track the gadget which has changed so that you will continue gaining access to their messages.

Features of Texting Spy App


Spy-On-Text-MessagesThe surveillance apps are used by parents or employees to prevent children and employees from abusing their messages and phone privileges.It also prevents inappropriate use of these gadgets. Some companies give their employees phones and computers to use in their day to day activities but strictly company activities.
Some employees may use this privilege by using gadgets for their personal use, and this is where the message app comes in handy. The managers can monitor this device and curb that errant behavior.

The message app will sync the activities of the targeted phone or computer to your Android or iPhone. You will have to notify your employees or children that they being monitored. It will only work if you install the app on both phones. It will put all activities; that is messages and calls that have taken place on their phones, to the account you registered with and you can access it anytime you want.

Live Control Panel

live-panelThere is also a feature which will also allow you to view what is happening on the other ends screen. It is called the Live Control Panel. The parent or employee can log into his/her account and view everything that is happening on the other person’s screen just as it happens. It will also give you the location of the party which is being spied on so will have a knowledge of where they are at all times. You will be able to access all messages being sent as they happen.

Secure storage

secure-storageTexting spy apps provide quality services such that your information is stored in a secure account which can be accessible only by you at any place or time using any browser not necessarily your phone. They have a premium service which is quite convenient, they have provided an account such that you do not have to use your phone to access the messages and phone calls that your target is accessing.

They have a satellite account, and all logs are stored there. What you simply have to do is log in using any gadget with internet services at any place, and you will be able to access information.


precisionAll messages are also dated and the time is provided. Therefore, we can say that it is precise. When spying on someone, precision is imperative because you can be able to pinpoint the exact time something occurred.

Timing in most scenarios makes the difference between a right and a wrong.


Deleting messages on the spied gadget doesn’t really matter because events are captured as they happened and stored in your log.

Therefore, there is no blind spot in this service and its clarity is defined.


As much as we claim to have the right to privacy, to some parties’ privacy is just a privilege which cannot be afforded by everyone. Intruding in someone else’s privacy can have a positive impact at times especially when there is a lot at stake. So, as much as the right to privacy has to be respected, the right to intrude on one’s privacy must be respected as well too.

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