Spy on Mobile Phone using FlexiSPY

flexispyFlexiSPY is spy app that is considered to be the leader in the spyware industry. It was designed and developed for a professional level of cell phone monitoring. The company that developed the product provides top quality customer service. Using FlexiSPY you will be sure that you can get help whenever you need. The company offers live phone support, live chat, extensive documentation. There is also an unmatched refund policy that gives the customers peace of mind and they don’t worry about their money back in the case of a valid reason. Read an extended review of Flexispy and make your decision.

About FlexiSPY

flexispyFlexiSPY is the app which was designed and developed in 2005 for commercial spying. And it has satisfied corporate and private customers for more than ten years. The reputation of the company is flawless, and FlexiSPY is the leader of the market thanks to many breakthrough technologies that were launched by FlexiSPY.
They created many firsts in the spyware industry like delivery that is based on GPRS or live call interception available now for iPhone, Android, Blackberry. They achieved complete invisibility of FlexiSPY on Symbian platform, provide full-featured remote control for Android, iOS. You can install the app on any iPhone quickly and easily. They made spy software which is easy to use and which doesn’t demand special knowledge but still extremely reliable.

Main functions of FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is known as a spy application which provides a great number of functions. It is perfect to spy on your child or employee. FlexiSPY is available for iOS, Android operating system, and other popular operating systems.

  • Tracking and recording phone calls. First of all, with Flexispy you can intercept incoming and outgoing phone calls, record calls, and even listen to live calls;
  • Spying on messages. Check SMS and MMS messages. You will have access to sent, received and deleted messages. You could monitor all texts that go through the target mobile phone.
  • Cracking email passwords, passwords for application easily and without any problems using FlexiSPY.
  • Tracking GPS. Find out the exact location of the owner of the target Android phone with FlexiSPY. The whole route history will be available as well;
  • Spying on IM Chats. You will get access to the chats, times and dates of messages, profile pictures, photos, videos and audio messages which were sent or received through messengers like Viber, Snapchat, FB Messenger, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Tinder, etc.;
  • Free access to multimedia files stored on the hacked Android device: view audio files, video files, photos, pictures;
  • Spying on internet activities of the target phone. FlexiSPY enables you to monitor all bookmarks and web pages that owner of the target Android device has opened.

Distinguishing features of FlexiSPY

flexispyTogether with functions that are usual and common for all spy apps that exist on the market (tracking calls, messages, web history, social media activities, web browser history, etc.), there are some exclusive features which set FlexiSPY apart from its competitors. Here you can see the main of them.

  • Ability to listen to the target phone’s surrounding. You can activate the microphone of the Android device remotely and listen to what is happening to someone who you want to monitor;
  • There is also an option of remote recording the Android phone’s surrounding. This will give you an opportunity to listen to it later when you have time for it;
  • Free access to the camera of the phone or tablet is working on Android or other operating systems. It’s great that you will be able to take a photo or video remotely using the camera and flash of the target Android phone;
  • Spying on apps. You will have the opportunity to spy on all downloaded applications that were installed and used on the target Android or another target device. You also will have access to all notes, calendar, address book and other standard and customized programs.
  • The ability to monitor the battery status and restart the iOS or Android device that is monitored.

The option of SMS remote command is another great feature. You need only one physical contact with the target phone to install FlexiSPY. After that you can control target Android, iOS devices, Symbian and BlackBerry remotely and in the stealth mode using only your personal cell phone and sending SMS messages to the target phone. With this feature you will be able to:

  • Reboot target Android phone;
  • Send SMS commands to turn any features on the target phone off/on;
  • Track the battery level of target phone, etc.

You also can get a full refund if something goes wrong, but if you have proper reasons.

Reasons For Full Refunds


  • Your target Android or iOS device works on the operating system which is not compatible with Flexispy;
  • You don’t have any ability to get the device which you want to monitor physically so you can’t finish the installation process;
  • You haven’t ability to root the Android device or for some reasons you don’t want to do this;
  • No ability to jailbreak the device with iOS (but we have a service which can help do this);
  • The downloaded version of FlexiSPY differs from the description on the website. This can be because versions for Android and iOS can be slightly different. So you should check all features beforehand.

Pricing Policy

pricing flexispyAlthough you can download Flexispy on the target Android from a torrent, but we don’t recommend to do this. We really believe that the official version is the best option you can get. Only the official version can guarantee uninterrupted work and include all available features.  There are two main options:


You can buy this package for the price starting from $ 68 per month. It includes all common features. You can save you money and buy 3 months subscription for $99 and 12 months subscription for $149.


This package is great the most demanding customers; even detectives will be glad. This option allows recording of all audio streams that go through the Android phone or devices with OS. You will have to pay $199 for 3 months subscription and $349 or 12 months subscription.

What is really great, you will be able to download the trial version that works 1 day and you can spy on someone’ Android phone for free. Thanks to this option you can test all features by yourself to dispel all your doubts. You can find the trial version on the official website.

FlexiSPY is great and reliable spy application. It is compatible with almost all existing operating systems such as Android, iOS and provides a wide range of spying features.

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