TeenSafe Review – a Phone Tracker for Your Child Protection

Teensafe is a popular child monitoring spy app, which allows parents track the phone and web browser activities of their children to make sure that nothing bad happens. In this Teensafe review, we highlight major functions provided by TeenSafe app, useful information on how does Teensafe work, as well as its pros and cons.

TeenSafe Features

  • Read all messages. With TeenSafe, you would have full information about the target phone’s text messages including iMessages. You would read SMS even if they were deleted.
  • View contacts and calls. Even if it was a short conversation, you will know about it. You would also get the list of contacts from on the mobile phone of your child.
  • Monitor instant messengers and social media. Teens use a standard message less likely than popular messengers that require the Wi-Fi connection. Chat conversations are more convenient for them. TeenSafe allows you to monitor even this type of communication (Kik and WhatsApp for iPhone). Moreover, you will have access to the Instagram feed including pictures, videos, followers, and followees.
  • Track GPS location. It is crucial for heedful parents to know which places their children visit and where they are right now. It wouldn’t be a problem with TeenSafe.
  • Control installed apps. Some programs may include forbidden and harmful data for young people. If your kid has a cell phone with Android operation system, TeenSafe will help you to track all apps saved on the phone.
  • Complete logs. Except for convenient access to all data via your control dashboard, you will also receive full logs about your kid’s activity. You will explore the duration and time of phone calls, the messages’ content, browser’s history with a list of visited websites and other useful information.

TeenSafe Pros

  • A broad range of options that provides the entire control on the children’s activity.
  • A free trial period that allows you to decided purchase this phone tracker or not.
  • No jailbreak for iPhone.
  • An opportunity to track few kids using one submission.

TeenSafe Cons

  • No feature that provides a remote blocking for undesirable websites or applications.
  • No LiveChat and 24/7 support.
  • Lack of advanced options like media files’ monitoring.

Important Points


TeenSafe confirms that all data are protected. They provide the highest security level. All information from the target phone is encrypted until it is delivered to the parent phone. Moreover, the company mentions in its policy that TeenSafe was created entirely for parents. You can’t use it to spy on your spouse or another person. You have to type some child’s data during the installation process. TeenSafe has affordable cost and 7-days free period. You may also cancel your subscription any time you need.

If you hesitate about the necessity of using phone tracker and monitoring of your kids’ activity, read our opinion below and make your decision.

Why Do Parents Use Phone Trackers?

The rapid development of modern technology is impressive and scarring at the same time. Adults can handle it, but sometimes it can be an issue for teens and kids. They receive a mobile phone and access to the Internet too early, and it can cause some troubles or even significant problems, espicialy if they use this writemypaper4me.org kind of services. Parents can’t isolate their children and restrict them to connect with the world. But they should be careful and control the overall situation.

Most psychologists suggest talking to your kids and discussing with them possible dangers they can face online or via cell phone. Don’t take away a phone, once you don’t like your son or daughter told you. Be smarter. Firstly, create the trustful relationships. Secondly, monitor everything about friends of your kid and information he or she watch and download on the Internet. Thus, you will know how honest your child is and what he really does near his phone or computer.

Ways to Track Kid’s Phone Activity

Luckily, parents have few options to track and monitor actions of their children and people they communicate. With modern phone trackers like TeenSafe you may read their messages and watch all online activity. If you don’t want to use this software, you may just control them in real-time, like stand under the shoulder or steal the mobile phone each night. This way has numerous negative factors, like a huge possibility to be caught and lose the trust of your child, for instance.

IT developers have created another more efficient way to spy on a smartphone or computer absolutely anonymously. TeenSafe is excellent sample of how new inventions can prevent or solve plenty of issues. Spy apps give plenty of convenient options. Therefore, heedful moms and dads use them to simplify their life and avoid troubles related to online communication with their children via instant messengers and social networks.

Final Thoughts

It is evident that TeenSafe was created with a good purpose, to help parents secure their kids from surrounding dangers. Spy programs like TeenSafe can simplify our life and let us feel more comfortable and relaxed. In spite the fact that this app is not perfect and could have some additional options, TeenSafe provides entire monitoring functions. It is enough to track your kid’s everyday activity, people he communicates, websites he visits, apps he downloads, and media files he shares via popular social media like Instagram.

Moreover, the company ensures the highest security level and data protection. You shouldn’t worry about the reliability of TeenSafe. To make the final decision, you may choose a free-trial. During this period, you will see how this app affects your life and gives you answers to essential questions.

We hope our review includes all needed information about TeenSafe and its value for modern parents. Don’t forget that spy programs like this can uncover some hidden features of your child but sincere relationships are crucial for any family.

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