Outstanding Features Of iKeyMonitor App

iKeyMonitor is currently one of the most requested phone apps at the market, aiming at the data record. With the help of iKeyMonitor Keylogger, you can keep your eyes on the messages, emails, chats, and activities to control and track everything that is invisible. In the following iKeyMonitor review, you will learn how to use this iKeyMonitor spying software on your Android or iPhone and why this keylogger is worth of your attention.

When to Use iKeyMonitor Keylogger?

ikeymonitorHeedful parents would find numerous advantages in this keylogger. It is nothing bad when they are eager to monitor their children’s everyday life, including visited websites, review of activities the way of getting remote access to the number of available features from the device. Moreover, it would be perfect for any employer to use iKeyMonitor keylogger and monitor the efficiency of working day to prevent employees from wasting time. Apart from traditional features, the iKeyMonitor app differs from its analogs due to the improved optional diversity.

IKeyMonitor keylogger has proved to become the perfect spy app that enables to monitor any child’s step on his/her smartphone. This solution is widely acceptable on both iOS and Android versions, including iPhone and iPad to make a user aware of the incoming and outgoing traffic online. That is stipulated to the fact that children are often used to view forbidden materials facing no security measures. The problem is that parents often have no direct access to a child’s cell phone or other devices. With iKeyMonitor keylogger, parents won’t have any concerns about received and sent content on children’s devices.

IKeyMonitor Convenience

ikeymonitor_437812_fullThis keylogger has a user-friendly design and convenient download procedure with only a few simple steps to pass. It works well for any purposes. It takes about five minutes to install the software and start tracking.

You don’t need to guess anymore what is going down. The spying keylogger provides detailed logs of the tracking phone history. People can easily rely on the iKeyMonitor app thanks to the excellent feature list, including various useful options. It gradually simplify the monitoring process.

Features of iKeyMonitor Keylogger

ikeymonitorAt first, we should point out the opportunity to have all phone calls recorded at once as well as get a camera monitoring. And be aware of all the incoming and outgoing messages. That is not the full list of available functions. The major feature of the application is a keylogger option for any existing device. It logs the overall call history, visited sites, captures screenshots at the specified intervals. It may even act the way of keystrokes. As opposed to other applications, the iKeyMonitor spying software keeps recording any single character entered on the mobile device. It covers Facebook, QQ, Twitter, WeChat and so on. It delivers logs to a customer by email. The spying tool of a keylogger reveals all the updated changes and identifies passwords due to the unique keystroke capability.

Users can take the best of the following communication options:

  • Message tracking. This option includes not only standard text messages. The keylogger also provides a full monitoring of popular instant messengers.They include WhatsApp, Hangouts, Viber, Skype and other available apps on the mobile devices. You will receive logs that include all required information.
  • Voice chat history. With iKeyMonitor, you will be able to hear all voice messages if the target device is iPhone or iPad.
  • Calls record. With this keylogger, you will receive complete logs about all incoming and outgoing calls, including Skype and Viber calling activity.
  • Email and social media activity. Email conversations as well as hugely popular social media programs won’t hide any secrets about your kid and people he or she communicates. IKeyMonitor keylogger provides outstanding monitoring option that tracks Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other networks’ activity.

Moreover, the list of available features of this keylogger covers a wide range of additional functions that are worth mentioning as well. Online FTP, Cloud Account or a particular LAN network are among those ways the iKeyMonitor users can view logs. The stealth aspect is another point that stands out the iKeyMonitor keylogger. It does not really track up being invisible and too hard to be detected. The jailbreak information is thoroughly hidden, so there is no chance to have an evidence of installed spying software. The multilingual keylogger support makes sense and attracts international customers, regardless their place of origin or native language.

Customer Service Support

The iKeyMonitor app designers are sure that the product meets the highest quality standards and is easy-to-use. The company provides a 3-day trial period to any customer with no fee charged before the decision to purchase is made. IKeyMonitor Live Chat customer support team is always pleasant and responsive. They are ready to resolve any issue in short terms and no matter what type of device a user applies. With 30-days refund warranty, it is possible to have a simple money back in case the keylogger does not meet all your requests and expectations. But the iKeyMonitor company makes everything to minimize such situation.


ikeymonitor-3The iKeyMonitor application functions, taking into consideration all the slightest issues and problems that may arise within the frame of its using. In spite the fact that manufacturers provide new spying software, this keylogger remains one of the best spy instruments with multiple useful options.

IKeyMonitor users avoid plenty of issues. Their children are now under control because their everyday activity is thoroughly monitored. Business owners sleep well because they can monitor each employee. And they can be sure that everyone works hard to achieve company’s goals. The app is advised for those who prefer to keep their eyes on the ball giving no chance for the bad things that might probably occur.

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