Review These 5 Best Family Locator Apps for Your Phone

family-locator appsWhat is family locator all about? It’s a specific tracking software right for your Android phone or iPhone to take care of your family’s online presence and device activity. When you’re sitting at work, you can’t guess the location of your family members. The best way to find out whether your kids or spouses are safe and loyal to you and keep the whole family secure is to install a light program known as a locator to your target phone. Our team has analyzed and gathered the best family locator apps that provide real-time locations accurately and prevent your family members from being violated.

Some of these efficient solutions are completely free, some of them have free trials, and some are pretty expensive. But every cent spent is worth it.

Criteria Used to Select Top Phone Family Locators

phone-locatorThe report recalls five of the best family locators for your phone:

  1. Life 360
  2. MobileLocate
  3. Sprint Family Locator
  4. GPS Tracking ProLocator
  5. Footprints

Speaking about criteria, our primary goal was to select those safety apps that cover such features as:

  • Auto-updates sent to all members about each other’s location, visited places, busy/free schedule, etc.
  • Alerts every time your kids arrive at school or come back home.
  • Updated information on recently and most frequently visited places with all surroundings on the exact maps.
  • Compatibility with Android, iOS, Blackberry, iPhone, and other smart and mobile phone systems.
  • Tracking GPS while driving.
  • Various zones covered.
  • Alerts about nearby crimes, alarming situations, and just dangerous zones.
  • The presence of “send one-button panic alerts.”
  • Ability to find lost phone in the real-time

Life 360

Life360 Family locator App LogoThe first family locator to pop out when you’re searching for one is Life 360. Identify kids or other member locations in order to communicate with them without any obstacles. Do you worry about your child’s academic performance? The software will send alerts when your youngest children enter their school.

Users can watch all the way through their target phones are moving elsewhere. Moreover, Life 360 makes it possible to locate parents and children on the maps. It would be easier to find your object anywhere in the city. The application comes along with an excellent interface, which is especially vivid on iPhone.

Blackberry phone users may also enjoy the benefits. Such famous corporations as Verizon, Sprint, and ATT apply the tool to track employee locations to see whether their colleagues share any secret information with the third-parties.

The good thing about owning Android phone is that Life 360 is free. Non-smartphones have an opportunity to purchase family locator that costs up to $5/month (five members). Keep in touch with modernized GPS technology!


Mobilelocate Family tracking App LogoMeet second family locator which takes care of people safety. Input it on your own phone as well as on preferred devices of your kids. The programm provides parents with accurate maps in real-time which let you identify the exact location of any family members. Regular updates are sent to all users in order to communicate with each other and share information about the upcoming danger.

The software helps to determine where the particular phone was missed and find it ASAP. Hopefully, your battery is still on as the device has to work. Parents are able to view the entire history of visited places without having to leave their offices or home.

There is an opportunity to stay connected with all your loved people from both phone and PC.  Locate your children where they are 24/7 hassle free and secure. This special locator applied GPS technology to keep your kids safe. Also, it uses target cell or mobile phone network data to locate the device on the satellite map.

Today, the solution is present on mobile devices carriers:

  • In the US: ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint PCS, Verizon, BoostMobile, Cricket Wireless, TracFone, H20 Wireless
  • In Canada: Rogers, Telus


Sprint Family Locator App LogoSprint family locator is considered one of the best and most popular. If you install its premium service (full version) on your phone, you will receive alerts whenever your family members (kids in particular) moved to or left their current location. Parents may send their children a message regarding possible danger and recommend closest safe places. The ability to view all SMS remotely also helps to keep your family secure by using just your phone.

GPS Tracking ProLocator

GPS-Phone-Tracker-ProThis family locator stands out from the rest of the items listed in our article as it figures as real-time location identification only. However, it is enough to receive information about the exact location and use services offered by GPS Tracking ProLocator to prevent a danger on the way of your family. Stay connected with other members and their current activities to know if everything’s fine.

Apply ProLocator with peace in mind: too much information may distract you from your own work. Besides, you won’t be able to control the child’s lifetime forever. But you should check whether your kids are secure and if they are attending school and after-class activities according to schedule.

People often lose their phones, or even worse: they get stolen. That’s another sign that your family members should start using phone locator like GPS Tracking. When your loved people get into trouble, the alerts will be sent to you. By determining the current location, you can hurry up to help. Another way is to find the closest safe place like a police station or hospital and send notifications to your members. Share all useful information to keep your family away from any illegal activity. The app was prepared by


footprintsAs you can guess from the name of the the app, it lets you follow your members step-by-step. Install it on your device to track no more than 5 devices at a time. You can use only single account with implemented GPS technology.

Receive notifications about any movements of your kids and other people. Each time the target device changes location, you get alerts. You can send an immediate message to the connected phone in case of some danger.

As for the compatibility with phones and other devices, you may feel comfortable using the locator with Android and Symbian S60. Soon, developers will create a version for each existing system. You can receive 7-day trial version or enjoy premium Footprints for just $3.15 monthly.

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