Parental Control Apps for Child’s Safety

Parental Control Apps
Android parental software is something every caring parent should possess. While examining all existing Android spy apps for the phone, 10 best tools were determined.

Selecting the Best Android App for Parent: Criteria

Below you can find criteria for evaluating best free and paid Android parental apps:

  • Installation process:We checked whether it is simple to download and set up every Android parental control software on your phone.
  • App Management: Our experts tried to discover which program allows reviewing all the apps on a phone and ban or restrict usage of applications.
  • Filtering:We have researched each application’s tools and their functions.
  • Messaging Monitoring:Our specialists checked whether each parental app for Android makes it possible to read SMS or e-mail messages, block any contact, or delete messaging apps at once.
  • Place tracking:Every good Android parental monitoring software should keep a log of where your children are and plan to go.
  • Fee:How much will the product cost per year? What is the amount of devices like tablets and phones that a parent can manage at a time?

Top Preferred Controls for Your Phone or Tablet


NortonFamilyPremierNorton Family Premier: Best of the Best

If I were you, I would probably choose this Android parental app due to such features as:

  • perfect location tracking and recognition
  • simple configuration
  • easy limits installation
  • excellent profile management
  • possibility to ban individual applications

Restricted message regulation and the inability to place time restrictions on some apps did not prevent us from selecting this number one parental software.

In addition to its positive features, it is pretty simple to install age-appropriate profiles on Family Premier Edition. Text-monitoring features might seem a bit overbearing, but the whole combination of characteristics turns Android parental software the best choice of any worried parent.

PhoneSheriff: Runner-Upphonesheriff

What experts really appreciate about the second Android parental monitoring app from our top is:

  • Granular time-restriction controls
  • Enhanced browsing logs
  • Good message regulation
  • Powerful location possibilities like geofencing

You may experience some difficulties while launching the app and blocking browser websites. As far as filters may be hit-or-miss. However, these two disadvantages do not replace amazing benefits such as a special panic button inserted to alert contacts to the target user’s whereabouts.

ESET Parental Software: What about the Value?

eset parental controlThe third winner from our chart can be proud of its:

  • Easy-to-install web filters
  • Variety of time limits
  • Excellent application monitoring features
  • Extra Android phone or tablet support
  • Speedy location tracking

With this Android parental control software you won’t be able to view log location history as well as follow social media accounts. On the other hand, the provided control app for your phone comes at affordable price.

How much time does your favorite child spend on its Android phone or tablet? What about the Internet or messaging activity? After installing the software for strict Android parental control without any obstacle, every parent would be able to run web filters to control or limit browser activity. There is an opportunity to ban forbidden sites from Google search as well as OK e-mailed requests from your children.

Qustodio for Families Premium: Cover Several Tablets or Phones at a Timequstodio

As you can already guess some of the positive features, they are:

  • Fast and accessible multiple users monitoring
  • Per-app time restrictions
  • In-depth text and call logs

Speaking about the negative aspects, this Android-oriented parental control software has no geofencing features and lacks web filtering opportunities.

Now you can control up to 5 devices altogether. The main purpose of this software is to effectively review, edit, and delete unfavorable text messages and block suspicious contacts.

Use Net Nanny for Single-Device Homes

net-nannyWhat if you don’t need a parental control software for several tablets or phones? What if there is only one child in your family who cannot have more than one Android device? The good things about Net Nanny are:

  • Intuitive interface leads to quicker and non-problematic app ban
  • You can achieve a faster installation process thanks to age-based profiles
  • Mobile browser can hide profanity on non-limited Internet websites

Once again, the parental control software offers no geofencing and cannot implement time limitations on certain uses.

Any parent will enjoy the best web filtering set available for Android devices.

Lock2Learn: Restricted Supervisor for Appslock2learn

Parents who prefer Lock2Learn to control their child’s phone or tablet on Android name the following reasons to pick it:

  • Preferred tool for limiting application access
  • Questions child’s proficiency in English and math
  • Opportunity to come up with new profiles for different age groups included

The bad aspects include non-existent control functionality, the absence of curfew feature, and the fact that this parental control software needs a lot of personal information to work effectively.

When your child has to do his math or English homework/quiz, it is the best time to limit access to some websites from his Internet browser history and block certain contacts and games.

My Mobile Watchdog: Fewer Control Abilities

Mobile-WatchdogWith every step, we’re getting to the bottom of our list which means worse Android parental control apps appear. However, they are still worth trying as they come for free or just at an affordable price. Still, My Mobile Watchdog is good at:

  • Observing any Internet browser history
  • Its set up process
  • Blocking things temporary

Be aware that the parental control app has no geofencing, cumbersome app-control instruments, and cluttered activity log.

Mobile Spy Basic Version: Activity Logs Are the ClueMobile-Spy

Because of the missing extensive controls, Mobile Spy cannot be called the best spying tool. At the same time, this extension for your Android phone can boast detailed activity log as well as notifications/warnings activated when a certain number tries to make a call to your child’s phone or once the target object moves away from the defined area.

Set-up process cannot be called one of the easiest too. Besides, a big disadvantage of this Android parental control app is the inability to block defined callers.

Qustodio for iPhone and iPad

qustodioThe version is enhanced but still restricted in many ways. Still, it provides great Internet browser filters and detailed activity timeline. The parent won’t be able to ban calls or messages from any app different from Messages.

On the whole, Qustodio Android parental control software has introduced several new features to iOS spy and monitoring app. The web-filtering tools impress along with new time-management opportunities.

Web Watcher: Mind Internet Activity!web watcher

The last parental control & spy app from our list works well with Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, and, of course, Android phones and tablets. The software guarantees the next bonuses:

  • Browser history to be aware of entire Internet activity
  • Distant view of the chosen phone or tablet activity
  • Recording all messages
  • Access to images and video (full camera functionality)
  • Log of call history
  • Ability to see and read removed messages
  • Total control over apps
  • Word notification alerts
  • Social media activity recognition

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