TOP 5 SMS Trackers

SMS trackers to spy phone messagesWe use our cell phones and tablets to communicate with our partners, children and with colleagues. If we have no time for a phone conversation, we send a message or use social messengers such as Viber or Whatsapp for chatting. In fact, the older generation still prefers talking, but our children are chatting with their friends all the time. And every parent has to understand that along with additional opportunities and convenience, cell phones and tablets may carry additional threats as well. In these situations, SMS trackers become real helpers. With the help of phone spy apps, you are able to track messages on someone’s phone without any problems.

Who can use SMS trackers?

Actually, SMS trackers are useful for any person who feels any danger which threatens his family. Let’s look in more detail.


sms trackers for parentsConcerned parents can use SMS trackers. With a very rapid development of electronic devices and Internet technologies with numerous gadgets, smart devices, cell phones, computers, we may get access to any information and can communicate with someone in one click. It may help our children to study. And it enables us to be in touch with children all the time. But, it may also provoke numerous potentially dangerous situations. Our minor children do not have enough experience to protect themselves when communicating online. And it’s a parent’s job. Parents should protect them. And SMS spy apps will give such opportunity for parents. With the help of these kinds of spy apps, they can track all received and sent SMS messages.


sms trackers for employeesSometimes you can worry about the confidential information of your company. Not every employee is reliable, and sometimes employees can use their work phones for personal purposes and even can disclose confidential commercial information. If you don’t feel confident, you can just track all messages of your employees, which they send or receive when they are at work.


sms tracker for spousesOur spouses and significant others can be too secretive with their phones and other electronic devices from time to time. It may seem suspicious and strange. In these situations, you can worry or may be jealous. And unfortunately, sometimes it is not unreasonable. Our loved ones can hide all their secrets in chats on social media, SMS messages, instant messages, emails, etc. And if you decided to find out the truth in order to protect your relationship or your family, you can use SMS trackers.

Features of SMS trackers

SMS trackers to spy phone messagesYou can use SMS trackers to spy on someone’s messages. With their help, you will be able to monitor all incoming, sent messages and even drafts and deleted messages. Along with tracking messages, you will get many other great features.

The most common are the following:

  • Monitoring phone calls. SMS trackers will give you an opportunity to control all incoming and outgoing calls of the owner of the target phone. You will view all time and date logs, duration of the calls, contact names, other important details, etc.;
  • Tracking Internet browser history. Use SMS spy app, and you will be able to check all web pages that were visited using the target phone. View them in your online account. You can determine inappropriate content and forbid it for accessing from the target device;
  • Spying on the GPS location of the owner of the cell phone. Use SMS trackers, and you will have an ability to track the current GPS location of the owner of the target device at any time. The location will be displayed on the virtual map. You need only to send a request;
  • Spying on accounts, chats, and conversations on social media. You will have an opportunity to control all information in accounts, all chats, instant messages, received, sent and posted photos, videos;
  • Spying on the multimedia gallery. You will see all photos and videos that were taken using the phone camera and that were stored in the memory of the cell phone or tablet;
  • Managing reminders and notes. You will have access to all copies of reminders, notes, and events from the calendar. This information will also be uploaded to your personal online panel, and you can gain access to it at any time you wish;
  • Monitoring contacts book. Spy apps will also give you an opportunity to see details about all contacts which the owner of the target phone stores in his device.

Best SMS trackers

SMS trackersThere are plenty of SMS phone trackers which are available on the web. We have made some kind of study, and we can advise you the best applications.

TheTruthSpy App

TheTruthSpy is one of the latest and the most high-technology cell phone spy apps which enables its users to track messages, chats and more. Both parents and employers may effectively use it.

TheOneSpy Spy App

This SMS tracker is extremely popular among users all over the world thanks to its complete compatibility with almost all existing mobile phones and tablets which work on all operating systems. Its pricing policy is quite reasonable.


SpyEra is the best SMS tracker for parental control. It enables parents to control their kids’ cell phones and tablets remotely. It can track messages, calls, GPS location which is great for parents who worry for their children.


Mobistealth is another great and reliable SMS tracker which provides a full range of monitoring features. Any person can afford it because the app offers several billing plans: Lite, Pro, Pro-X. Just choose the most suitable for you.


It is the spy app which has many advantages. Online support is one of the greatest advantages of SpyBubble. The customer support team works 24/7 that’s why you can feel free to ask any question at any time.

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