Review Of TheTruthSpy App


TheTruthSpy is the latest high-technology phone monitoring app which parents and employers can use to control someone’s cell phones. The users of the app can easily install this spy software directly on the target device. It means that using spy app provides complete access to the target device and the ability to control it. In the following TheTruthSpy review, you can decide on whether to use this software to monitor someone’s iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

How Does TheTruthSpy work?

control-panelSpying apps may seem complicated and hard to use. But it’s not true. The installation process is quite easy and fast as well as all stages of monitoring. It is important that TheTruthSpy is compatible with many operating systems, including popular Android and iPhone.

How To Install TheTruthSpy

  • 1 Step: Download the installation file of spy software to the target phone. You can easily download and install the app on the device which you want to monitor using online instructions. There are different versions for Android and iOS devices.
  • 2 Step: After the installation file of TheTruthSpy is downloaded to the target phone, find and run this file on the target phone.
  • 3 Step: After installation is finished, you will be ready to adjust settings.
  • 4 Step: Login and view all tracked activities.

Notice that after you have started the monitoring process, the TheTruthSpy will remain active. It will still remain active even if the target phone is turned off. All activities will be uploaded to your personal account when the phone will be turned on.

You can login to your personal account anytime. Just enter your username and password and you will be brought to Personal TheTruthSpy Online Control Panel.

How To Make A Purchase?

slider-3The next step of the installation process is purchasing this app. In order to purchase TheTruthSpy, you have to acknowledge and agree that you are the legal owner or the authorized administrator of the target device (the device which you decided to monitor and on which you want to install spy app) and you have the right to control it.

The company claims that it does not condone or promote the use of TheTruthSpy monitoring software for any illegal purposes. So if you qualify and is you are ready to purchase the program, you should go to the appropriate page of orders or to your personal Control Panel. There you agree to the TheTruthSpy Legal Requirements and complete all sections. After that, the website will ask you to enter your customer and billing information and complete the order.

Main Features of TheTruthSpy

thetruthspy-server-corruption-and-data-lossTheTruthSpy can become a real helper for both parental control and business. The monitoring app provides a great range of functions. Using this app you will have almost complete access to the target phone and you will be able to control it remotely. The main features of TheTruthSpy are the next:

  • Tracking the GPS Location – you will be able to control the current location of the target device on the map. The app provides the opportunity to get information on the GPS location by request from the personal online control panel of the user;
  • Managing Calls – control the whole history of incoming and outgoing calls using TheTruthSpy. You will know all information, including contact name, time, call duration, etc.;
  • Monitoring Internet Activities – you will have access to the history of visited websites. There is also an option of blocking some websites which you consider inappropriate;
  • Spying on SMS Messages – trace all sent and received messages using built-in spy application as well as iMessage chats. You can also see messages which were deleted by the owners of the target phones;
  • Reading Contact History – this phone surveillance app will give you an ability to control all contacts, phone numbers that are stored in mobile address book;
  • Monitoring Multimedia Files – TheTruthSpy makes it possible to control all media files such as photos, screenshots, video files, voice memos;
  • Tracking the content of the Notes – copies of all notes that were created using the target phone will be sent to your personal control panel.

Instant Alerts And Notifications

home-registerIt is one of the most important control features which TheTruthSpy can provide. If the SIM card of the target device changed, you can control it.

The app will silently notify you of this fact via SMS message. You will receive a new phone number which you will use on the phone which you monitor.

TheTruthSpy Is Undetectable

It should be mentioned that TheTruthSpy spy application is 100% undetectable. It enables you to control all activities of the target phone and it works in the stealth mode. The application runs in the background of the phone’s operation system, so the user of the device would not be aware of monitoring.

TheTruthSpy is a great mobile phone monitoring software that can help you to control devices of your children, spouse, significant other or employees. You have to install the app on the target phone or tablet by downloading the installation file directly to the target device. The installation process is easy and fast. It takes only a few minutes. TheTruthSpy controls all online and phone activities, gathers the data and uploads it to your personal control panel. So you can view the data whenever you want and from any device with the Internet connection.

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