Mobistealth Review

mobile-stealth-spyingThis review talks about Mobistealth – advanced spy software, which allows users to control either mobile devices or computers remotely. Let’s find out what features this app has, how to download it, and what benefits customers will get, using it. Before we get to our extensive review, you can also check Mobistealth official website and read user reviews and complaints on Mobistealth software.

Mobistealth Worthy Features

mobistealth-compatabilityThe software product empowers you to find out the required data . Mobistealth is endowed with an extensive range of features. They are as follows:

  • Application list.

    This option empowers users to view all apps installed on the target mobile phone. Besides, you can limit capability of the person to use one or another application.

  • View list of contacts.

    It will spread before your eyes. You will also be able to see all calendar appointments.

  • Monitor SMS messages.

    You can easily view content and other details of text messages. 

  • Monitor instant messengers.

    These days, many people prefer using chat messengers. SMS messages are not popular anymore. With this software product, you may secretly spy on Viber, Skype, and KIK; 8 talking apps in total. If choosing the spy software, this feature is crucial for you. You should know that FlexiSpy (one more phone tracker for controlling anybody’s phone remotely) monitors 19 Chat Messengers, for instance.

  • Control web.

    With Mobistealth software get access to the websites the target person browses. The browsing history of a computer or phone of the individual is not a secret anymore.

  • Location tracking.

    This option is great! It empowers to track the locality of the person with GPS or without GPS. The target phone is not always connected to the Internet that is why you can’t always see where the person you monitor is at the moment. This software offers a good way out. It catches signals from satellite towers, allowing users to control locality of the target individual on a regular basis.

  • Spy on emails.

    It makes no matter which operating system you have on your phone or computer. Look through all emails that were sent or received by the target device.

  • Keylogging and screenshots.

    With this option, track what kind of content the person you monitor types on phone or what images and videos he or she is watching right now. This opportunity works for moms and dads who check their kids as well as for employers who want to see what his employees do during working day.

  • Control audio, video files and images.

    Any content on target phone is at your disposal. All saved data will be transferred to your online dashboard. This feature ensures that you will see everything that was captured by the phone.

  • Surround recordings.

    This option is the most beneficial one. It enables to bug any environment. Software product records the surroundings of the phone. Using this option, you may hear what is going on around the individual.

  • Call recording.

    Just set the software to record any call made from the target phone.

Analyzing the range of all features offered by Mobistealth, we can say that the software product was created thinking about all categories of customers.

Who Can Use Mobistealth App?

spy-spyHaving analyzed the information, published on the official website, we can conclude that Mobistealth is focused on the needs of parents and employers.

Parents can control their kids using the location-tracking feature. They will know where their children are at the moment, whether they really attend school or they ditch it. The software product will let you protect your kids from inappropriate applications, bullying, drugs, alcohol, etc. All SMS messages and calls made from the phone of your children will be viewable. Besides, this spying software runs stealthily. It means that if you wish to do it secretly, you may easily do it. You do not need to notify your kids, who want to conceal something from you.

Employers will also find lots of benefits, using a range of monitoring capabilities offered by the software product. Such options as SMS, call tracking, location tracking, keylogging help you to prevent data leakage. Besides, Mobistealth is compatible with Windows and Mac. Install the software product on the office computers of your employees. Make sure that they spend their working hours to the benefit of your company. Comparing with other similar phone trackers like Xnspy or Flexispy, Mobistealth is the only spy software, which can be installed on computers. The other ones work only on mobile devices.

Why Choose Mobistealth?

mobistealth-sreenThere are several reasons why you should prefer Mobistealth.

Competitive Pricing Policy

Mobistealth offers several billing plans (Lite, Pro, Pro-X). The price of each package depends on the features included in it and the device you wish to control. However, on the average, you pay $0.5 per day. If you purchase the annual subscription, you pay less. Below, you can view the average price.

  • Android Monitoring Software – $17 per month.
  • IPhone Monitoring Software – $33 per month.
  • Blackberry Monitoring Software – from $13 to $26 per month.

If you wish to control the computers based on Windows or Mac, the price will be different.

Extensive Compatibility with Devices

Mobistealth works with all types of mobile devices and computers. Only one program fills the needs of all customer types.

Professional Support Team

If you run into trouble with Mobistealth, contact the support team via a live web chat support system and get the answer in a second.

Our Verdict

judgeMobistealth is an ideal program which can save your kids from bullies, drugs or the influence of other people. Besides, Mobistealth is a perfect tool for employers who want to control their team remotely. A plethora of extensive monitoring capabilities will help you find out the information, you, as an employer or parent, must know.

A wide range of packages allows users to choose the one, which meets their requirements most of all. There is no need to pay for all options. You can select the billing plan, including the most significant features for you and enjoy its benefits. Mobistealth is a reliable software product for monitoring cell phones or computers remotely!

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