How to listen phone calls?

listen to phone callsThere is a great amount of different modern software which allows you to listen to someone’s cell phone conversations. We talk about mobile spy apps.

What should you know about cell phone spy apps?

Mobile phone spy apps can be used by concerned parents, spouses who want to protect their families and employers.

Almost all existing applications are easy to use and have the user-friendly interface. All apps have the installation process which could be run by any person, even who is a real technophobe! There are only several simple steps which you will have to follow, and it’s done!

What should you do to track calls?

  • Choose the app which suits you the best;
  • Download the software;
  • Run the installation file;
  • Enjoy listening to the calls of the owner of the target device;

Other great features

listen to phone callsSo after you have downloaded and installed the spying app, now you are ready to listen to someone’s conversations. But do you know what additional opportunities do these apps provide? In other words what you can use these apps for?

For parental control

If you use spy apps to monitor your child’s phone calls for the parental control you can also get the next useful functions:

  • Anti-theft function:
  • The Geo-fencing option – determine the safe territories, and if your child crosses the border you will get an alert;
  • Calls blacklisting;
  • The opportunity to forbid some content (applications and websites which you consider inappropriate);

For tracking employees

If you want to track the phone calls of your employees when they are at work or using their work cell phones you can also apply to the net features:

  • Monitoring GPS location of the target devices;
  • Blacklisting websites and software (for example, social media: Skype, Viber chats, WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, etc.);
  • Spying on photos, videos, other media files.

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