Install Easy Spy and Explore New Spying Opportunities

easy spy As monitoring programs are becoming a widely spread software, the need to highlight their main features and benefits is increasing too. The following review is dedicated to mobile spying program called Easy Spy. This soft very popular not only among individuals, who install spying soft on private cell phones, but also phones that belong to businesses and small companies.

Main Three Reasons to Install Easy Spy

easy spy If you have never used any spying soft, you might not understand why people use it all around the world. As a matter of fact, there are three basic reasons why you might want to install monitoring program.

  1. If you have kids, you want to protect from the negative influence of information that they might come across on the Internet. Just imagine how many websites are online with inappropriate content. You never know for sure whether your child is visiting them or not. Programs like Easy Spy help control what teenagers are doing on the Internet and in their everyday life.
  2. Companies that take care of their employees provide stuff with phones and other devices that are aimed to ease their work and save money. However, some employees misuse company property and use, for instance, cell phones for calling friends, who, live abroad, or surf the Net while they are sitting at a business meeting. Some time ago it was a real challenge, and monitoring phone activity was hard, but luckily today there are a lot of programs that provide detailed info on sending messages, visited websites and even location.
  3. The last but not the least popular reason is checking whether your spouse is cheating on you. It might come as a surprise for you but people, who sign marriage contracts, frequently apply spying soft for phones to make sure that their marriage is safe and sound.

Legality of Monitoring Programs

Users tend to ask different questions. One of the most popular questions is whether it is legal to use spying soft on mobile phones. There is no definite answer, and it could be different depending on a country and local legislation. The controlling activity of underage kids is not a violation of any law as well as installing spying apps on company property. Nevertheless, if you have any doubts and would like to make sure that you are not violating anyone’s right to privacy, you should seek legal advice from a legal specialist.

Discover Easy Spy and Its Features

easy spy Easy Spy is easy-to-use software for cell phones. It is compatible with Apple phones and Android phones, but some features might be unavailable on different mobile phones.  Easy Spy is believed to be reliable and trusted program for personal and business use. Moreover, the price for the soft is surprisingly good and covers all gadgets.

Main Features

  • Functioning. The app is operating in two modes – visible and invisible.
  • Text messages. It gives access to all phone messages, including old and deleted. You get detailed information about the content of the message, sender’s number and timing.
  • iMessages.  Recording iMessages is possible only on iPhones and is not available on Android devices.
  • Remote camera. It allows taking photos with the phone remotely.
  • Call history. If you want to know more about the calls a certain employee is making, no problem as Easy Spy can track down all incoming and outgoing phone calls and their duration. Even if call log has been deleted from the phone, the app can retrieve it.
  • Visited URLs. Do you want to know more about websites your kids are visiting? No big deal with Easy Spy. Or do you think your spouse is visiting R-rated websites? You can easily check it as application gathers info on all visited URLs, dates and duration of each visit.
  • GPS tracking. GPS tracker is a very popular feature, and you can use it for private and business needs. If your children do not want to tell you where they have been, you can track it on your own using the mobile device only. The same refers to personnel – if an employee claims to be at a meeting out of office, you can quickly verify his/ her words with Easy Spy installed on the phone.
  • Social media tracking. Easy Spy is a convenient tool to monitor the activity of employees and takes measures to decrease misusing of phones at work. It is also a great way to protect your children from cyberbullying.
  • Photos and videos. Easy Spy reveals secrets and allows viewing videos and photos taken with the phone.


With Easy Spy you will get information on every step taken with target phone. Apart from being reliable software, free upgrades of the application make it superior to its competitors. Do not hesitate to purchase!

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