Phonesheriff. The Best Way to Track Activity of the Phone

Phonesheriff reviewJust like all good parents, you want to protect your kids from negative impact and keep an eye on them. Phonesheriff investigator is an excellent parental control software which enables you to monitor all phone activities of your children. In everyday life, our kids use computers and phones, which give them unlimited access to information. Do you know all friends of your child in her/his page on Facebook? Are sure that your son is not visiting inappropriate websites? In the following Phonesheriff review, we discuss how to get access to all computer and mobile activity of your teenager by installing Phonesheriff app, how to use its filtering features, is it compatible with iPhone, Android(or other operating systems), and how you can download this parental monitoring app.

Use Phonesheriff to Control Phone Activities

Phonesheriff reviewThe developers of the software have made it incredibly user-friendly and simple. One of the most important features of Phonesheriff is that you can install the program on the most popular mobile devices – Apple, Android, Blackberry, etc. If you want to use Phonesheriff on iPhone, there is no jailbreak required.

Apart from being user-friendly, the soft also have numerous useful features, which can be divided into logging and filtering. Logging features are those that can be accessed via the online panel.

Logging features

  • Internet history. All parents want to know which websites their kids visit and how much time they spend. Phonesheriff has made it possible. You have access to the Internet history of all browsers on a mobile device.
  • Text messages. Do you want to know who your kid is sending messages to? Phonesheriff will provide you with the answer to this question. The program monitors all received and sent text messages on a smartphone, including their full content.
  • Some of the features of the Phonesheriff app vary because of different OS of the devices. For instance, only iPhones have iMessages, and you can monitor them by the following soft too.
  • Call log. It is also possible to view information on all calls – received and outgoing. The call log includes numbers, duration of each call and date. This feature allows you to record any call in case you do not have the opportunity to listen to the call in a real time.
  • GPS tracking. Monitor your kid’s location at any time with GPS tracker. If you do not want your kid to visit particular places, include addresses of these places in geo-fencing. Each time your kid crosses the restricted area, you will receive an alert informing about that.
  • Photo logs. With Phonesheriff, you get access to media files on the phone. In such a way, you can view all photos taken with the mobile device. It is a good chance to find out more about the pastime of teenagers these days.
  • Contact book. Check contact book to find out more about new friends of your child and their correspondence. You can check added and deleted contacts to the address book of the phone.

Filtering features help you set special parameters and restriction on the device. Most of these parameters allow blocking.

Filtering features

  • Application filter. You can prevent teenagers from using certain programs by blocking these programs.
  • Website filter. If you have noticed that your kid visits an inappropriate website on a regular basis, you can block the phone from accessing a certain URL, address or simply category.
  • Profanity filter. Phonesheriff provides you also with the possibility to block websites that contain rude words or abusive content. It will greatly decrease negative impact on your kid’s vocabulary.
  • Phone lock. If you want to make your child study lessons and he/she does not want, you can block the device totally or for certain period of time. Sometimes it seems to be a good motivation for teenagers to get ready for school or college.

How to Purchase and Use Phonesheriff Software

Phonesheriff reviewSome customers consider it to be a drawback, but you can buy Phonesheriff app on its official webpage. There are no authorized re-sellers. If you have made up your mind to purchase this program, go to purchase section. Choose the option that will suit your needs and financial possibilities and make payment. Once payment is made, you will get the e-mail with detailed instructions on how to use the soft. Please note that there are two pricing options:

  • 49, 00 available for usage for 6 moths
  • 89, 00 available for a full year

Phonesheriff offers payment methods that will suit everyone. You can pay with MasterCard or Visa, American Express, Discover or PayPal system. It is a great mix of good quality and price.

Phonesheriff Customer Support Team

Customers, who experience any difficulties with installation process or have any other support-related issues, should get in touch with Support Centre. A friendly and helpful team will help by phone or e-mail at any time of the day.

To sum up the above review on Phonesheriff investigator, we should definitely consider it to be one of the most advanced parental control monitoring software. Do not hesitate to see for yourself how many simple and at the same time, useful features the software has. Purchase Phonesheriff and forget about anxiety or concerns about your kids.

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