Track Any Phone with GPS

There are a plethora of reasons why you may want to track a cell phone with GPS. You may have lost it, you could be trying to find out where your kids are, or maybe you are even checking in on a suspected cheating partner. Whatever the reason, there is GPS tracking software that is already installed on most smartphones that can assist you in finding out where the phone is, or where the person is that owns the device.

There are different methods that you should follow to use GPS track services depending on whether you are tracking your own lost phone, or looking for someone else’s phone. With the help and implementation of these useful tips and tricks, you will be able to quickly locate the phone you are looking for with GPS tracking services.

Using GPS Tracking Apps After Losing a Phone

Android’s Device Manager to Track a Phone with GPS

Depending on your cell phone type, there are different kinds of GPS software that is used to track the phone. For Android users, you will want to take advantage of the Android Device Manager when it’s time to track with GPS. You can use it on both the phone itself, which won’t do you much good if it’s lost. You can also get access through a desktop computer. The device manager is a Google service so it links the GPS track service up with your Google account automatically. Along with finding the phone on the GPS map, some of the actions that you can complete from the manager to your phone include these features:

  • Resetting the PIN
  • Erasing data like stored email
  • Call so it will ring
  • Lock it

Finding My iPhone

navigator on iphoneThe iCloud on iPhones works together with the Find My iPhone application. It comes already installed on your cell phone, as long as you are running an iOS 5 version or later. Any device that has the ability to run iOS can assist you in to track your phone with the GPS tracking service. There will be a map that displays the location of your phone exactly so you can track it in real life. Through the remote access of this application you can take advantage of any additional feature like:

  • Display an emergency message on your phone
  • Lock the phone
  • Erase stored information on the phone


gps trackingIf you are still using an older model flip phone or phone that isn’t considered to be “smart,” you are going to be out of luck finding it with GPS track services. The only way you can utilize this kind of track tool with the older phones is by having something like AccuTracking installed on it beforehand. Check with your service provider to see what kind of services they have available to track if you are someone that is prone to losing your cellular device.

Track Another Person with Phone GPS

Whether you and your friends constantly want to know where one another is, or if you have a child that you can’t trust 100% when you ask where they are, there are different reasons for you wanting to track their phone with GPS. There are different apps and methods for tracking puproses. Their choise depends on whether or not you have been granted access to their location willingly.

Track without Permission from Phone Owner with GPS

For a smartphone user that you want to track with GPS without their permission, you have to install a track application without them knowing. Of course, in most instances, you should be honest with the person you are going to track. You would definetely want demonstrate respect to their phone privacy. However, you may have a spouse that hasn’t been very upfront. Or you may have child that can’t seem to get it together that you must track. Either way, with the application installed, make sure that you hide the icon. In such a way they can’t see it right away and they don’t know about the track happening.

Non-smartphone devices have to have the same kind of steps followed. You can install AccuTracking when they leave their phone alone for a while to track them and then clean up the evidence. The older model phone has to be GPS-enabled for this to work.

If the phone isn’t GPS-enabled, your only option to track is going to be purchasing a tracking chip and putting it on the phone.

Preparing Ahead of Time with Phone GPS Track Apps

mobile phone with demonstration of gps tracking softwareFor some people, losing your phone on a regular basis is just part of life. If that sounds like you, you may want to prepare yourself for what’s to come with a tracking app. Almost every phone system on smartphones today come with some sort of app that will allow you to click on a GPS track service. You want to make sure that you have this turned on if you lose your device.

If your phone doesn’t come with an app that allows you to track it, you will have to download it. Put it at the top of your list and it can be done in just a few short minutes. There are a wide range of companies out there that offer the services that you are looking for and it is easy to do. To decide which one is right for you, visit the website of the company on the web to see if it offers everything you want. You can also contact the company directly and ask any questions you may have about how their program works to track an Apple, Android, or any other kind of phone.

Solve the problem of not being able to find your phone the easiest way by installing the proper GPS track software as soon as you get your phone. Keep it updated so that it can easily complete the most accurate track. You will get the details of your phone location sent directly to your email, iPad, or other device used for spying and tracking where your phone or someone else’s is instantly.

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