Best SMS Tracker Apps for iPhone

For those happy owners of iOS powered devices (iPhone, iPad) who want to track someone’s messages like SMS or emails, we got good news. Fortunately, in the twenty-first century, there is a perfect opportunity to bring your plan to life. SMS trackers for iPhones and other mobile phones became a real thing a few years ago, and since that time those apps are constantly improving. Today the range of their capabilities of iPhone SMS trackers can impress even the biggest skeptics on the planet.

Why Cell Phone Users need to Install SMS Tracking Apps?

Those apps you can easily find online these days mostly are great modern apps to help you out in various situations. The reason for a person to use such an SMS tracker depends on his or her personal needs. There are few main groups of people who use such apps on a regular basis. Let’s look at them closer:

  • The first thing any iPhone or any other cellphone user is afraid of is robbery. Those cases when your phone was stolen or just lost those SMS trackers exist. Such apps do not just track target phone messages; they also track its GPS location. Yes, simple software can tell you exactly where your iPhone is at the moment due to just one feature.
  • Another big group of SMS trackers users is parents. Those people who have kids always feel nervous when they are somewhere not near. In this case, a good and reliable SMS tracker for iPhone will make your life easier and safer.
  • The most obvious reason to use spy monitors is cheating. Those articles about “how to know who he was talking to” will not help you. But such a monitoring tool is the best way to catch a cheater. Feel yourself a real spy while tracking your spouse’s every single move remotely. Read all the messages and find out the truth.
  • Corporate purpose of SMS trackers. Managers are using such apps to monitor and control the usage of their corporate devices – iPhones, iPads, and other mobile phones on the working hours. System administrators use SMS trackers to prevent any errors of the corporate system.

How to Read SMS with a iPhone Tracker

So you have decided to use a phone spy monitor. Well, no matter what the reason, you should know the main principles of its performance. As any other phone app, a tracker tool should be downloaded and installed on a target phone. It is an easy task if you are trying to monitor your spouse’s device or corporate tablets. Just install the app and then log in the official website of the application you chose to monitor the activity of your kid, spouse or employee.

Few Best SMS Trackers of All Time

The modern market of SMS trackers, keyloggers, phone monitors, and spy apps is huge. But most of all these tools are very similar. The basic features, actually, include the one we are interested in this article. Message tracking is usually available even for the cheapest or even free applications. Most of them are based on the same features. But some of these apps can surprise you more than others; let’s see few best spy trackers we know today.

Highster Mobile

This app is well known among Android phones users, but it will also fit perfectly those with iPhones. So, here we have a great example of a top-class phone tracker that will allow you to spy on your spouse, control your kids and employees. The best thing about Highster Mobile is its reliability and a great number of various features to help you out in different situations. This app also has great stealth mode to hide any signs of its existence while it is working in the background. Besides qualitative messages viewing you get a bunch of cools options such as multimedia viewing, GPS tracking, and calls logging. There are no regular monthly payments. Instead, you can buy the tools just once for $69.99.


This app is one of the most popular among iPhone or iPad users all over the world. If you are worried about your kids being bullied in school or online or you want to know if your spouse has a love affair, mSpy will work for you perfectly. You can easily check all the SMS, MMS, emails, and chat apps messages even if they were deleted from the memory of the target phone. mSpy is completely undetectable for any antivirus programs. Just enable the stealth mode and enjoy its performance remotely. The program can be purchased in three packages – Basic, Premium, and Bundle Kit. All the features are various for these three versions, but a message tracking is one of the basic ones.


With XNSPY you can be sure you get the best. Use it for your iOS, Android, or Blackberry device. This app also works remotely and requires simple installation on a target phone. Then log in to the official website and start tracking all the messages you want. No matter if it is simple SMS or chat software, you will view it even if the text was deleted right after it was sent. If you are worried about your children or spouse, just choose XNSPY. This tracker also works great for corporate needs to control over employees and their use of corporate mobile devices. Also, you can log all received or outgoing calls and monitor browser history. Check WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and other messages and data such as contact list and schedules remotely. It is a perfect spy tool for those who don’t want to be identified.

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