Best Keylogger Software for Your Smartphone and Computer

keyloggersSo, what is a keylogger software? First of all, you should clearly understand that a keylogger is not necessarily a software only. Also, a small hardware or a separate device can be a keylogger and deal with all the functions that you need to capture all the keystrokes from your computer or smartphone. Any experienced user of such a program will tell you about the purpose and advantages of the keyloggers. So let’s look closer on two variants of the keyloggers – devices and software.

In the case with physical devices, it is easier to detect the keylogger because it should be installed between the computer and the keyboard. But if you want the keylogger existence to be absolutely secret, the program variant would be the best choice for you. In this case, it is very hard to detect the keylogger by inexperienced users. However, it can be detected by some special system programs such as antivirus or anti-keyloggers. If the computer is in use by some average user and there is no special detecting software, it is very hard to detect the fact that the computer is being monitored.

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Is it legal to monitor the system?

legacy-hack-phoneThere are few cases when the monitoring of the computer by a keylogger is absolutely legal. If you want to monitor your own computer or your children’s devices, you have your complete right to do that. It will help you to make sure that your kids and personal data are safe from strangers and internet thieves. Besides that, you can also monitor your employees while they are working in the office via corporate computers. This will help you as a boss or manager to prevent spying and leaking of any confidential and important information. Other situations when you want to steal someone’s passwords or monitor their personal chatting are totally illegal.

Making the right choice

If you decided to become a keylogger software user, there is a lot of stuff for you on the internet. You can choose any program from a great selection of free ones. Of course, there are those with paid license required. But if you want to have more options and features with a more solid guarantee of invisibility, you should get a shareware version for sure. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that free software always is the worst one. Here in our list, we gathered the best keyloggers for Windows, iOS and Android that can be downloaded for free and will perform on the same high level as the paid software.

Real Free Keylogger

real-free-keyloggerThe first thing you should do after the installation of this application is to set a password. This action will allow you to protect your new software from other users. The access to your personal settings, data, records, and files will be under strict protection. Besides that, you can also set some hotkeys to make the performance more comfortable and fast. You can set the schedule for the automatic start of the software and then export the log text files like the HTML files.

Revealer Keylogger Free

This software is one of the most popular digital monitor devices free for download. The key features and advantages of this application are the reliability and great response. Besides, Revealer Keylogger Free is very easy to use, it has a long list of supported languages and hotkey support. And of course, it can record keystrokes automatically cleaning the log. But its screenshot feature is disabled. Also, you can set your own password to increase the security of the entire monitoring process.


This application is totally free for any type of operating systems. So, if you use different computers and devices with Windows, Android, Mac OS X, iOS or any other operating systems, you will easily install KidLogger software on your or your kid’s computer. This is a perfect tool to use on several devices and monitor your children and employees. But its capabilities are not just about logging keystrokes. With the help of this software, you also will be able to monitor usage of all the USB drives, folders, and files on the computer. And on the top of that is the ability to record sound from the microphone and taking screenshots. So if you want to know with whom your kid had a conversation on Skype, this application will work best for you.

BlackBox Express

This software is also free and has a monitoring purpose. But, the method this software works is a little bit different from any other typical keylogger uses. The main difference is about the ability to monitor up to 200 remote devices along with one local computer. The log capabilities are also very wide. Besides simple keystrokes this software can record web searches, visited websites, emails, and any other activity on the computer you can imagine. Screenshot and password options are also available for free. Also, you can make a list of users that should not be monitored and choose the way reports will be delivered to you. They can be printed, send to your email or saved as an HTML.

Spyrix Free Keylogger

This application is a free version of another popular keylogger called Spyrix Personal Monitor. Free software has few differences from its paid version of course, but all the typical keylogger features are available and perform at the proper level. If you want your software to capture social network activity and visited websites on your computer, you should buy the full version of the program. Log delivery and alerts are also not available for Spyrix Free Keylogger. To launch the software you should press a hotkey or run a special command. As any other top-class keylogger, this one can be secured with a password. When the window of the program is closed, it can be easily noticed from the task manager or its own folder.

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