Mobile Spy App and Its Possibilities

girl talking on cell phoneBrowsing the web, you will definitely stumble upon a plethora of phone spyware apps. The overriding priority of this review is to analyze pros and cons of Mobile Spy phone tracker that is reliable, functional and beneficial for various types of customers. The app allows you to be in full control of any situation related to the safety of your kids or corporate data leakage. Some people still consider such apps to be a kind of espionage. Probably, in some ways, they got that right, but when it comes to the question of safety, all methods of spying on calls or text messages are useful. So, let’s look at Mobile Spy and see whether this phone software is good value for money.

Key Features of Mobile Spy

mobile spy product diagramThis tracking app can be installed on such devices as iOS (iPhone, for instance), Android or Blackberry-based mobile phones and tablets. You (as the one who needs to spy on someone’s mobile phone) have to install the program on the phone of the person whose calls or text messages you wish to keep a check on. Having installed spy software, you may log on your account from your mobile and control calls and other activities of the person you track.

Let’s proceed to features:

  • View all types of text messages. Regardless of the fact that we live in the 21st century and have a plethora of apps for free communication instead of making calls, people still continue to share text messages. By dint of this software, you may check SMS, MMS, Facebook, Skype, Viber, iMessage, Whatsapp or emails on the target mobile phone.
  • Check an address book. Using this app, you may look through all contacts saved on the target phone. Moreover, you can monitor the duration and time of calls. This feature will be useful for the owners of huge companies who pay for the phone communications of their employees. Very often staff members betray the trust of their bosses and call anywhere they want using the corporate phone. With this app, you can check each call.
  • Track multimedia files. Using Mobile Spy, you can see what photos your kids share with their friends on social networks. You may easily track any video, audio file or image posted on different social networks for chatting, such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter.
  • Control the Internet activity. In the majority of cases, users wish to control not only calls but the Internet activity as well. Now, you can check the history of Web browsers and see what websites your children view. You can block age-inappropriate sites in a few seconds. Besides, you can check deleted files, and that were sent or received via Bluetooth.
  • Track GPS location. This option is a must for parents who wish to know how their offspring spend a free time. Furthermore, you may set the permitted areas on the map and in case the target person crosses them, you get a notification about it. This option will simplify a life of those employers whose staff members work out of office.
  • LIVE screen. You can easily view what a person you spy on does with his mobile phone in the real time mode. Now, you can see what messages the other person is typing or whose phone number is dialing online.

In What Cases Mobile Spy is Really Necessary?

mobile spy product website screenshotThis app is an irreplaceable tool in the below-listed situations:

  1. You parent a teenager who frequently uses popular devices and doesn’t want to share the secrets of his personal life with you. Each mom and dad worries about the safety of their kids. With Mobile Spy, you’ll quickly find the answers to the majority of questions. Besides, you can control not only calls but the location of children as well.
  2. You want to control employees. Very often such factors as activities on social networks, inappropriate calls or various games take your colleagues off their job. If this situation is familiar to you, it is an excellent time to use tracking software and monitor the mobile phones of your employees.
  3. You need to track a cell phone of your spouse. In case you presume that your beloved person cheats on you, this tracking software will help you to assuage doubts. You can check it without the necessity to notify your partner.

Why Should You Choose Mobile Spy App?

man looking shocked on his cell phoneThe modern software market is overwhelmed with similar spying apps. It can be a challenge to pick a decent product that suits all your requirements. We offer you to discover a few programs to make the right decision. Here are the primary benefits you may get with Mobile Spy.

  • It has round-the-clock support. In case you have some difficulties, they will answer you in a few minutes.
  • The app has a reasonable pricing policy. Annual subscription starts from $99. The annual premium package costs $139. The advanced subscription has all options offered by the company.
  • The team of professional developers works on the app enhancement. They update it on a regular basis and add new features.
  • Mobile Spy comprises all essential options for the successful phone monitoring, including spying any call, text message, browsing web history and GPS tracking.
  • You can download a free demo version. You are not obliged to pay for this. Just test the spy software. If it satisfies your requirements, you may choose the most appropriate billing plan and start monitoring the required cell phone.


Probably, Mobile Spy is not the most advanced spying software. It doesn’t have the newest tracking options, but it suits diverse needs. If you look for decent and affordable software, Mobile Spy is an excellent choice. Just pick the most convenient billing plan, install the app, and enjoy its benefits!

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