How to Detect a Keylogger on iOS?

Do you have the feeling that you are being tracked or that someone can see what you are up to on your iPhone or Mac? Then there is a chance that your iOS device is infected with a keylogger! To help you detect and remove this potential keylogger we are going to show you the most effective methods. Let’s get started!

What Is a Keylogger?

A keylogger is a software that records every keystroke entered on a device. This software is typically used to gain personal information about a person such as login details and credit card information. A keylogger will be installed on a device without the target knowing then run in stealth mode and send all of the recorded data to a 3rd party.

What Are the Warning Signs That Your iPhone May Have a Keylogger Installed?

Even though iPhone keylogger malware is often hidden you can still detect it by looking out for these warning signs:

  • Unusual apps – If you spot apps that you can’t remember downloading and have no idea what they are, then this could be evidence of a keylogger.
  • Battery draining faster than use – As keyloggers are constantly running in the background of your iPhone they can radically drain your battery.
  • Frequent crashes – Keyloggers can place significant strain on your iPhone and cause them to crash or freeze.
  • Phone speed decreased – Keyloggers use up memory and can reduce the speed of your device.
  • Overheating – Due to keyloggers always operating they can put your iPhone into overdrive resulting in overheating.

If you all of a sudden notice a combination of the above warning signs then you most likely have a keylogger installed on your iPhone. Check out the next section to find out how to definitively find out if your iOS device is infected.

How to Detect Keylogger on iPhone?

If you are serious about detecting iPhone keylogger malware then you should use an antivirus to run a system scan, look out for the Cydia app and keep a close eye on your iPhone’s available space.

Use an Antivirus To Detect Keylogger on iPhone

The most effective way to detect a keylogger on your iPhone is to download antivirus software and run a full system scan. Top-rated antivirus software from brands such as Bitdefender, Norton, or Kaspersky will scan every single thing on your phone and within a few minutes be able to spot unusual and nefarious apps and files. This is because antivirus software is designed to identify suspicious behavior such as iPhone keylogger malware.

The great thing is many of the top antivirus software producers offer free trials so you can download your antivirus and within a few minutes find out if your iOS device is infected. As an added benefit antivirus software not only detects keyloggers but can quickly remove them from your iPhone!

Look Out for the Cydia App!

Cydia is an app that is used to jailbreak iPhones. Many keyloggers can only be installed on jailbroken iPhones. So if you spot unusual apps that you don’t remember downloading and Cydia then it is very likely that your iPhone has been compromised and someone has installed a keylogger.

The Cydia app is hidden on iPhones but you can reveal it and check whether it has been installed by opening Safari and navigating to “Cydia://”. 

Please remember that not all keyloggers require your iPhone to be jailbroken to be installed. Therefore the absence of Cydia is not proof that your device is keylogger-free.

Monitor Your iPhone’s Free Space

Another way you can tell if your iPhone may have a keylogger is to record your iPhone’s current free space and then make a note if this number increases suddenly for no reason. 

To check your iPhone’s free space, follow these steps:

  • Open settings
  • Select General
  • Click iPhone Storage

You will be able to use how much storage your phone has left and how much memory is currently being used. Remember this method only works if you know your iPhone’s free space prior to a potential keylogger infection.

How to Check for Keyloggers on Mac?

To check keyloggers on Mac you can use antivirus software to scan your PC or laptop, manual detection where you open your activity folder, and finally inspect your hardware for any physical tampering.

Use an Antivirus To Detect Keylogger on Mac

The easiest and fastest way to detect keylogger software on Mac is to download comprehensive antivirus and antispyware software. With a highly rated antivirus like Bitdefender or Kaspersky, you can quickly scan every single file on your Mac and instantly be alerted to any suspicious programs. Antivirus software is designed to spot suspicious programs and has no issues detecting keyloggers even if they are hiding in stealth mode. You can download a free trial of an antivirus now and not only detect if your keylogger is infected but also completely remove it, returning your Mac back to 100% health!

Perform a Manual Detection to Find Keylogger on Mac

If you don’t want to use 3rd party security software you can perform a manual Mac keylogger detection. To perform manual detection, open your Mac’s Activity Monitor and check all of the running processes. Keep a close eye on any processes that look strange and research them to see if they could be a keylogger.

Alternatively, you check running processes by opening also typing the “chrootkit” command to determine if any rootkits have managed to get on your Mac. The only issue with manual detection is that many keyloggers are able to mask their activity and operate in stealth mode which means their activity won’t always show up.

Inspect Your Hardware for Keylogger on Mac

Not all Mac keyloggers are software-based. To check if you are the victim of a hardware keylogger inspect your Mac computer and pay close attention to see if any hardware is intercepting your keyboard. If you spot any suspicious hardware that is connected to your keyboard that wasn’t there previously you should remove it as it is likely a keylogger.

Can You Put a Keylogger on an iPhone?

Gone are the days when iPhones were incredibly secure and free from spyware and malware. Currently, a range of different keyloggers can be installed on iPhones and many don’t even require the iPhone to be jailbroken to be installed.

For a keylogger to be installed on an iPhone the hacker needs physical access to your device or they need to know your Apple ID details. If you keep your iPhone secure and your Apple ID details are hidden, hackers can not install a keylogger.

Can You Put a Keylogger on a Mac?

There are several keyloggers designed to work on Macs. Mac-specific keyloggers can be installed when a hacker gains physical access to your Mac and simply installs the malicious software. 

Keyloggers can also be installed remotely if remote login is enabled on your Mac and the hacker has your login details. Remote installation is also possible through programs such as Teamviewer if the hacker convinces you to authorize access which can occur through phishing scams.

To prevent a keylogger from being installed on your Mac you should also lock your laptop or computer and create a strong password. You should also never give remote access to 3rd parties.

How To Remove Keylogger From iPhone?

There are two main methods to remove a keylogger from an iPhone, use a 3rd party security software such as an antivirus or perform a factory reset.

Does an Antivirus Remove a Keylogger From an iPhone?

While not all antivirus software is capable of detecting and removing keyloggers from iPhone the top-rated brands are. Antivirus brands that consistently perform well under lab testing such as Bitdefender and Kaspersky have shown the ability to spot the most hidden and entrenched keyloggers and then completely rid them from iPhones.

To use an antivirus to remove a keylogger you just need to download and install the antivirus software. Then run a comprehensive system scan and instruct your antivirus to delete all suspicious files it encounters.

Using an antivirus to rid your iPhone of a keylogger is incredibly simple and fast and requires no technical skills!

Should You Perform a Factory Reset to Remove Keylogger From an iPhone?

Performing a factory reset is a last-ditch effort if all methods fail to remove the keylogger from your iPhone. A factory reset will destroy all keyloggers but at the same time, it will completely wipe your iPhone of all files, photos, videos, and apps.

To perform a factory reset and rid your iPhone of a keylogger follow these steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Select General
  • Scroll down and click Reset
  • Select Reset All Settings

How to Remove Keylogger From Mac?

There are two main methods to remove a keylogger from an iPhone, use a 3rd party security software such as an antivirus or perform a factory reset.

Can Antivirus Remove a Keylogger From a Mac?

Using an antivirus is the recommended method to remove a keylogger from a Mac. This is because antivirus software is simple to use, it scans your Mac quickly and you can delete keyloggers by literally just hitting the delete button. 

We recommend you check out top-rated antivirus software solutions from brands such as Bitdefender and Kaspersky who always perform extremely well under 3rd party lab testing.

To use an antivirus to remove a keylogger simply install the software, click scan and then hit delete on the suspicious files your antivirus finds during the scan. The best thing about using an antivirus to remove a keylogger is that it requires zero technical capabilities!

Does a Factory Reset Remove a Keylogger From a Mac?

While a factory reset will remove even the most stubborn keylogger it is only advised to perform this action if no other attempts work. This is because a factory reset will completely wipe your Mac of all your precious files and it can be an annoying process to backup your data and reboot your device.

To perform a factory reset and rid your Mac of a keylogger, follow these steps:

  • Select the Apple icon from the menu bar
  • Click System Preferences
  • Select Erase All Contents and Settings
  • Enter your password and confirm

Can Keyloggers Be Installed on iPhones?

Keyloggers can be installed on iPhones and they don’t require a jailbroken device to work. Keyloggers can be installed by a person physically downloading them onto an iPhone or remotely through the use of Apple ID login details.

How to Tell if Keylogger Is Installed on iPhone?

The best way to tell if a keylogger is installed on your iPhone is to download antivirus software and scan your device. Alternatively, you can look out for warning signs such as your iPhone slowing down, crashing, overheating, and battery draining. 

How to Prevent a Keylogger From Being Installed on iOS?

To prevent a keylogger from being installed on iOS you should never jailbreak your iPhone, do not leave your phone unattended, create a strong password and enable two-factor authentication.

Can Antivirus Software Remove Keyloggers From iOS Devices?

Antivirus software is capable of quickly finding even the most hidden keyloggers through extensive scans. Antivirus software can then completely remove any keylogger programs.


The fastest and easiest way to detect a keylogger on your iOS device is to simply download an antivirus. Antivirus software will be able to tell your device is infected and can instantly remove it from your iPhone or Mac.

If you think there is even a small chance you have a keylogger download an antivirus now and start your free trial today! If you own an Android and think you might have a keylogger installed, check out this guide on how to locate spyware on Android.

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