How to monitor kids text messages?

Valid reasons exist as to why you’d want to hack into and monitor the phone text messages or smartphone activity of your child. To protect kids from others such as stalkers, pedophiles, bullies, scammers, haters and hackers. Some teens still need protecting from themselves.

Most parents wouldn’t want their teenagers sexting provocative or naked photos of themselves to others or posting them online to websites. The first question to ask yourself before you hack your target phone or spy is: How’s your target communicating? There’re so many third party apps available that offer messaging: Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Snapchat, dating sites that have their own messaging such as Tinder or Also, the target may be using shorthand or encrypted code, for example PAW = parents are watching.

To start, here’re some free techniques:parental-control3

  • Do it the old fashioned way, take the phone and look through it each night.
  • If both the Parent and target have Apple iPhones, there are 2 built-in options for texting: SMS text, (text through the cellular carrier) and iMessage (text through Wi-Fi between 2 apple devices). With access to both devices activate icloud on each phone and turn on Family. If you have the Apple ID and password, login with the password and see iMessages from the account. “Find my phone” or “Find my friends” built-in app on iPhone can be used to spy on GPS location.

Install a 3rd party spy monitoring program

Most paid 3rd party spy apps will hack more than just text messages from a phone. Spy apps with a monthly fee are better, but anything over $30 a month is a waste of money. Don’t pay for a full year upfront, even if there’s a discount.

Considerations for choosing a spy app

chose spy appLook for a spy app that is easy to use and versatile with good features such as:

  • Completely undetectable so the target won’t know of any spy activity
  • GPS location function
  • Monitoring and collection of 3rd party and social media messaging and activity including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, visited websites from Safari or Google Chrome, including a photo or video sharing
  • Extract old deleted texts
  • Monitor and record email
  • Capture and record both incoming and outgoing calls on both sides as they occur even if logs are deleted
  • Hack into and access contacts
  • Take photos or videos remotely and access photo and video library
  • Ring the phone
  • Change the passcode
  • Capture data up to one year old
  • Spy on multiple devices simultaneously

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