Auto Forward. In-Depth Analysis of the Most Multifunctional Backup Extractor

Auto Forward is the greatest backup and data extractor, which also performs the option of spying. The overarching aim of our review is to look at the app in details and arrive at a decision whether it is worth its money. This Auto Forward review is devoted to all pros and cons of the software product, allowing customers of such program to simplify their choice.

What is Auto Forward?

Auto Forward is a decent cell phone monitoring program that can successfully retrieve any file saved on the tracking device. Besides, the app is endowed with the features, allowing users to monitor any mobile device safely and stealthily. The compatibility is the strongest point of this tracking app. Users of Android and iOS-based devices can use Auto Forward. Besides, Auto Forward allows every person who wishes to spy on iPhones to use it without the necessity to jailbreak a device. The app is empowered with a sheer number of useful features that can comply with demands of all types of users.

List of Features Offered by Auto Forward

As a reputable backup extractor and monitoring app, Auto Forward provides the following options:

  • IMessages. The feature allows retrieving all (sent, received or deleted) iMessages from iOS-based devices.
  • Monitor calls. You can easily view incoming or outgoing calls.
  • Text messages. You will get the copy of each message from the target phone.
  • Control activities on social networking sites. You will have access to the most popular networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and SnapChat.
  • Text messages. You will have the ability to track the email activity of the phone you want to monitor.
  • Photo and video files. The app enables you to retrieve these data in seconds flat. The time of downloaded content is also viewable.
  • Web browsing history. You will be aware of all the websites which the person you want to track visits.
  • Remote lock feature. It offers users an opportunity to block the phone remotely (if necessary).
  • View all installed and running apps. You will see all apps installed on the phone separately from the apps that are running at the moment.
  • Diagnostics of the device. You can check the device remotely. Control Wi-Fi connection, battery life, and other phone information.
  • GPS location. The option works well and shows the exact location of the tracking device within approximately 50 ft.

Auto Forward is the best solution for those users who search for a reputable app, which can recover all data files in case you delete something significant, broke the phone or lose it.

Pricing Policy

First of all, you need to purchase the app. Besides, the pricing policy is one of the greatest benefits of this app. Regardless the device type and model, you should pay $69.99 only once. With this app, you will avoid all additional charges and monthly fees. It is a great benefit for those users who hate dealing with programs requiring monthly payments. In this case, you just pay once and enjoy the benefits of Auto Forward. The sum of money is not huge as compared to many advantages the user will get.

How to Start Using?

After the purchasing, you receive an email containing your personal data like username, password, license key and download link. Your next step is to install it on your device and enter the phone number you wish to track. Currently, the procedure is fast.
Auto Forward is an easy to understand software product which deprives you of the necessity to learn huge instructions before you start using it. If you doubt or you can make a boast of the bad experience of using similar programs, you can read the reviews of those who use Auto Forward now. As a rule, all these reviews have been written by satisfied customers.

Benefits for iPhone and iPad Users

Users of iOS-based devices know how difficult it may be to use the programs that require a jailbreak. It looks like everything is easy: you jailbreak a mobile device and install anything you wish to use. But only at first glance. In sober fact, it is a difficult and time-consuming technical process. In case you cannot find the access to the mobile device, you can’t install the required app.

Auto Forward works perfectly with all Apple devices. Besides, if your overarching goal is to find a similar app, compatible with the iOS version 9.2, this app is an ideal solution. As a general matter, it seems quite challenging to find the backup extractor which is compatible with such release of operating system. This program complies with this demand.

How Does It Work?

Having downloaded the app, you can be sure that the data of the target device is secure. In case you experience difficulties with the installation, you should specify the required information with the support team.  On the official website, you will see the information on how to get in contact with them. After the installation procedure is completed, the app will pull out all calls, SMS, media files, images and other significant information from the target device. These data will transfer to your account. To view the information, please, log in to your account and enjoy the application.


As you see, Auto Forward is a silver bullet for many users. Even the most demanding customers remain satisfied with their choice. Having analyzed customers’ reviews, we couldn’t even find negative aspects or features of the app. An average customer is searching for a reputable app to keep checks on kids, spouses or other people or those who just need a reliable backup extractor will definitely be satisfied with the functionality of this software. We take into consideration a plethora of benefits and conclude that Auto Forward is worth its money.

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