Complete Review of TheOneSpy App

TheOneSpy is one of the top-notch solutions for those who need to monitor phone activities and keep track of children, employees and other individuals. In the following TheOneSpy review, we discuss why you could consider  to choose this spy software among the other spyware for Android, Blackberry or iOS-based devices.

Why is TheOneSpy So Popular?

TheOneSpyTheOneSpy is an excellent app to monitor the phone activities of children or other individuals. Nevertheless, the official website insists on the fact that this phone tracker ideally fits parents who want to protect kids from inappropriate websites or cyber bullying. TheOneSpy holds itself out as the best app for parental control. This software allows you to track any activity on iPhone, Android or Blackberry phone.

TheOneSpy is highly popular among users due to its compatibility with many mobile devices and reasonable pricing policy. So, let’s get on to the main features offered by TheOneSpy and find out whether they are really powerful.

Key Features of TheOneSpy Monitoring Application

TheOneSpy-recorded callsTheOneSpy has plenty of features that definitely simplify the parents’ life, depriving them of the necessity to fume about trifles. TheOneSpy is an excellent tool allowing you to keep a check on any person.

The major features of TheOneSpy are as follows:

  • GPS location feature. It enables you to view where the owner of the mobile device is at the moment. This feature is an ultimate tool for parents who want to monitor kids or employers who wish to spy on their staff members when they are on business trips or work out of office.
  • Track voice calls. It is the indispensable option that simplifies the life of people who wish to monitor calls (either incoming or outgoing) and record them. This feature is the advanced one for numerous spying apps. Above all, call history is also viewable. It is a powerful tool to monitor the targeted phone. All conversations will be uploaded to the account of the person you spy. In such a way, you can listen to them at any convenient time.
  • Bugging. This option of TheOneSpy allows you to capture camera photos remotely and hear the phone surroundings. It is a very useful option for parents who want to know what conversations their children holds with other people.
  • Multimedia logs. The feature of TheOneSpy enables you to capture screenshots and get access to all photos or images shared by the target mobile device.
  • Access to all types of the text messages. This option offered by TheOneSpy is one of the most popular. Due to this feature, a user has access to Blackberry’s PIN, Apple’s iMessenger, and Android’s SMS. It means that it makes no matter what model of the smartphone the target individual has. You can easily monitor each text message.
  • Social media monitoring. With this software, you are free to control each text, audio or video file sent via such apps as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, SnapChat, and others. These days, people widely use such instant messengers. Therefore, this option is very useful. Google services are also viewable. You enjoy access to the exact time, date and content of all emails.
  • Remote access to apps. The feature allows you to control the screen time of your children. With this spy software product, you may easily prohibit them the usage of age-inappropriate websites or programs by blocking them.
  • Lock/Unlock. Moreover, you can lock or unlock apps you consider to be harmful, or you may block the phone itself.
  • Notifications. The phone tracker will notify you in case the person you monitor visits the prohibited location or changes the SIM card.

Besides, TheOneSpy allows you to check the contact list, read all emails and browse the Internet activity of the target phone. You will receive the complete logs on your online dashboard and will be able to check this information anytime you need.

Pricing Policy of TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy-pricingThis point is one of the most interesting for everyone who searches for really useful and budget app that provides excellent phone monitoring. The phone spy app is not expensive, and each user can afford to buy the subscription. There are several billing plans developed for different categories of customers. Everything depends on the model of the phone you wish to check and a number of features you need.

Moreover, if you would like to keep track on the Android-based phones, you can pick one of three packages: Lite, xLite and Premier. Just choose the form of a subscription. The annual subscription for the Lite package costs $140, for the Premier package – $199.

In case you are seeking the capability to monitor phones powered by iOS, you can choose one of the following packages:

  • 3 months – $55;
  • 6 months – $99;
  • 12 months – $140.

If you are searching for a reputable Blackberry monitoring app, you will have a chance to choose one of the following packages:

  • Starter 3 months – $55;
  • Econo 6 months – $90;
  • Pro 12 months – $140.

As you see, the pricing policy is moderate, and it is one of the most valuable benefits of the application.


Overall, TheOneSpy phone monitoring software has lots of advantages. However, the best positive aspects are:

  • Users may install it on any mobile phone or another device;
  • The company offers plenty of useful options and features.

Nevertheless, the app has one negative aspect. If your goal is to monitor iPhones, you should jailbreak it before the setup process. In spite the fact that manufacturer claims that TheOneSpy is an excellent application for kids tracking, the comprehensive analysis proves that app’s features can also satisfy needs of employers or persons who follow their spouses.

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