What are the Best GPS Apps for iPhone 5?

gps-iphoneNowadays it is hard for us to get lost due to lack of directions. You can use your iPhone GPS apps to navigate and move around town without getting lost or asking for directions from anybody. There are many premium rate apps for navigation; they have features such as free map updates, live traffic, and even lane assistance. Here are some of the best iPhone 5 GPS apps which will mesmerize and give you efficient and accurate navigation.

GPS software for iPhone 5


  1. Magellan RoadMate

This software has excellent features such as showing 3D buildings, text to speech (you do not have to text for directions), lane control and in-app music control system. It also provides real-time red light alerts which will come in handy to help you avoid tickets. Lifetime traffic updates and maps are also part of the package with this application.

  1. TomTom

It has 2D/3D driving view and lane guidance. You can also access map updates and daily map changes. It is an excellent GPS software since it offers offline maps. You do not have to be online to access the map.

  1. Waze

It is more of a social navigation tool. It provides its users with a community-generated real-time traffic. This means that you can get updates from people using the application on traffic and other information.

  1. Google Maps

This app can also be used iPhone 5 users; it offers voice-guided navigation and driving directions. It offers a 360 degree of places. You can also find businesses and any place you want using this app.

  1. MotionX GPS Drive

It is one of the best GPS apps that are used for navigation. It has regular updates of maps and traffic. Therefore, it is reliable and accurate.

These are some of the best apps that an iPhone 5 user can use for navigation. They are accurate and reliable.

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