Deep Analysis of iSpyoo Phone Monitoring Application

If you wish to find some intimate details of the personal life of one or another person, or you just want to know anything about the free time and friends of your kids, the best thing to do is to defer to the services of modern spy software. The following iSpyoo review is aimed at describing one such modern apps for a phone monitoring, its features, pricing and additional options.

Overview of iSpyoo Features

The app for monitoring of the phone activities is empowered with a wide array of useful options that simplify the life of parents or employers. Some parents search for a reputable app to spy on the personal life of their children, or employers want to pay money only to those employees who do not waste time. ISpyoo can easily meet all these requirements.

ISpyoo is endowed with the following features:

  • View the list of contacts. This feature is especially useful for parents who want to know with whom their children communicate. You may easily view the phone book and go through all its entries.
  • Spy on calls. The option allows you to listen or record all ongoing calls of the target device. If you don’t need this function, you can set the app and chose only one phone number you wish to spy on.
  • View call logs. The feature offers you an opportunity to find out the information about the time and duration of calls with the phone numbers that the target person dialed.
  • Social activity option. With this option, users of iSpyoo can easily find out the details of life on social networking sites of the target person. ISpyoo may easily monitor all chats or calls made via Viber, Skype, iMessage, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. These days, many people use instant messages instead of ordinary SMS. That’s why it is an essential benefit if the spy app can monitor the major part of them.
  • View browsing history. Parents need to limit the number of websites their kids use. With iSpyoo you can easily block age-inappropriate sites, see each URL and bookmarks.
  • Email logs. The feature is especially useful in a business area. Using it, employers can see whether their staff members send personal emails from their cell phones during the working hours. Besides, they can check the details of each sent email. All incoming or outgoing emails are uploaded to your control panel. Moreover, content and other details of emails are saved on your account. You have access to them from any place. You just need the Internet connection.
  • Record surrounding. The feature was developed for those who wish to listen or record the target device surroundings. Due to this option, the mobile phone of the person you track is turned into an excellent bug. If you presume that your children are in danger, just turn on the feature, and you will here where your kids are and with whom they spend time.
  • Spy on text messages. It is a common but useful option for various users. Sometimes, if people want to hide something, like confidential information about the company they work, for instance, they try to avoid Internet connection. In this case, SMS monitoring is very helpful. With iSpyoo, you will have full access to SMS content, time, and senders’ names.
  • GPS location. It enables users to identify where the target device is at the moment even if the device is not connected to the Internet.

In fact, the number of iSpyoo features definitely complies with demands of all types of customers.

Some Negative Aspects

If to compare iSpyoo with other similar apps, we can conclude that compatibility is not the high point of this app for spying on phones. You can install iSpyoo on iOS or Android-based devices only. If you use Blackberry or Windows-based phones, you should choose other apps like FlexiSpy or mSpy, for example. The number of features is almost the same as iSpyoo has, but these programs can work on various devices.

Besides, having analyzed the customers’ reviews, we should add that the spy software can’t make a boast of a professional support system. Their customer support doesn’t always answer your questions on time.

Pricing Policy

As a rule, all customers searching for a reputable app for tracking mobile devices pay attention to this aspect. Except for the number of features and compatibility, customers want to know how much they will have to pay each month.

As well as any other spy app, iSpyoo offers several billing plans. They are as follows:

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Gold

The standard package of iSpyoo comprises a limited set of features, and the price for the annual subscription is $114. The Premium package can make a boast of a larger set of options, and its cost is 132$ per year. The Gold package comprises all possible features, allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of all the possibilities. Those who choose this package will pay $150 per year. As you see, the prices are not sky high. Nevertheless, its main competitor mSpy offers more efficient billing plans. You just need to choose which package of iSpyoo will be beneficial for you and download the app.

Final Thoughts

If you still hesitate, which app to choose, it is a high time to make use of a very lucrative offer. Right now you can download the app and use it for 48 hours for free. This offer allows you to appreciate the benefits of iSpyoo without the necessity to buy a subscription. Having tested the app, you can decide whether you should purchase it or not. As you see, iSpyoo is a suitable app for tracking mobile devices. Besides, it is undetectable. It means that people you wish to monitor will not guess that they are under your supervision until you notify them about it.

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